PlanetSide 2 OP: Make Faster Game – 7

Yesterday Planetside 2 released their newest OMFG episode 7. They mention in passing that CPU’s getting around 20%-50% performance increase. (Found at about 2:50 in  the video) This is great news if it holds to be true, so far though the only testing they have done is on their public test server. The only reason I am not holding by breath is because that server will never experience the massive amount of players that a typical server would and I rather not be disappointed. That’s really all you need to know about this video because as far as I can tell the rest is just their fun with the test server optimizations and filler which doesn’t pertain to the optimization of the game.

I have to say that I am impressed that they seem to have improved CPU bound computers and they share the information with us. However, I do not really think this video needed to be so long to explain that their optimizations are working. Most of this video is composed of what was annoying about their previous videos which is that they don’t show how they are optimizing the game. They show tons of footage of them goofing around, which isn’t an issue we all deserve some break time, but it doesn’t need to be shown to those of us who want to actually know about the optimizations you are implementing. I really do feel like they show us that footage so that we will be better receptive to their game and maybe we will. I have said it all along, this isn’t really about optimization this is about getting an increase in player support using a creative PR campaign.

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