PlanetSide 2 OP: Make Faster Game – 6

In this episode SOE talks about the changes to animation and effects to make Planetside 2 perform better.

They discuss how rendering players at various distances will only load certain attributes of that player. For example you will see a sniper shooting at 10m in full detail, but from 100m or more away he might appear with a standard rifle so that the game doesn’t have to report and send information to computers about what a player is carrying or how that player is moving. Don’t worry you will still see the player but it makes the load on individual computers much easier when there is a “default” setting so that the computer doesn’t need information from 100 or more players.

Now I have to say something here. Chad mentions that there is a 50% reduction in CPU costs which means the fights can be bigger before we see any lag. Well big fucking deal. What am I supposed to do? Go buy another processor because it is cheaper now? This is not an optimization for the game, this is technology that takes place regardless of how optimized a game is. I don’t disagree with him, but it doesn’t make Planetside 2 any more optimized so why bother having it in a video about how SOE is improving optimization in Planetside 2?

They are also working on reducing the explosion effects which when reduced to 30% make almost no difference in what players see. Now they show a video of this reduced effect load in motion and I have to say that what is shown looks great and I don’t know that I could easily tell the difference between the old and the new.

They do show flamethrowers for max suits but don’t get to excited they were actually in at beta an have been promised to return long before Hossin is to be finished.

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