PlanetSide 2 Op: Make Faster Game – 5

Sorry I am late to discuss and post the newest video from the optimization PR campaign but I do have something to say about it. They discussed the major changes to the world that might go unseen but do make a difference in player performance. I will run down a brief list of changes if you don’t wish to watch the video.

Camo’s for guns/vehicles/players scaled down from 512 to 256. I know this will make a difference, but they should investigate using 128 as most players wouldn’t notice the difference due to their under-performing PC’s. If nothing else it testing would reveal how much of a difference the two camo packages could make for players. Personally I rather have a lower graphic setting for better performance any day.

Objects combined into larger single units instead of individual units. Think of this like grouping 4 sheets of paper together to form one sheet of paper.

Unique objects in Planetside 2 will be limited to better increase performance on PC’s. According to the video this increased performance from 63FPS and 1800 objects to  75fps and 1470 objects. That is a 19% increase in FPS, but remember this is only in one area that was transformed. So if this is true and they perform these changes throughout the entire world I suspect that these optimizations might actually make a difference that anyone will benefit from. Indar will be updated first with Amerish and Esamir to follow soon*TM

It shoot be noted that they spend a good amount of time telling us that the process can’t be automated and that it has to be done manually. I can’t say I feel sympathetic if this was done right the first time we wouldn’t have these issues. Not to mention as usually this video doesn’t really tell us much about what is happening, the video is 5min long and half of that time is spent with no information on the optimization changes which is one of the reasons that I am afraid this changes won’t be so great.

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