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Yesterday Planetside 2 released their newest OMFG episode 7. They mention in passing that CPU’s getting around 20%-50% performance increase. (Found at about 2:50 in  the video) This is great news if it holds to be true, so far though the only testing they have done is on their public test server. The only reason I am not holding by breath is because that server will never experience the massive amount of players that a typical server would and I rather not be disappointed. That’s really all you need to know about this video because as far as I can tell the rest is just their fun with the test server optimizations and filler which doesn’t pertain to the optimization of the game.

The most recent “PS2 – Operation: Make Faster Game” video was released earlier this month. PhysX is the main talking point in this video as improvements could better all CPU’s and GPU’s. They acknowledge the difference of Quad-core and Dual-core systems and how it is an issue, although they don’t really talk about how they fixing it. All-in-all this video doesn’t convince me that SOE is really dealing with the issues at hand. I feel like they are simply telling us how they are fixing it so that we will continue to give them money for a little while longer. Maybe I am wrong, but you be the Judge.

We get our first glance at the beauty that the Total War developers put into their naval combat system. Not only does it look stunning but the game-play itself looks very realistic between the combat of vessels and boarding actions of vessels.

It is possible to sink smaller ships instantly when they are rammed by a bigger ship, which is cool but might be troublesome unless the small ships are able to accelerate quickly and move out of the way. That is part of naval warfare though, and with several smaller ships able to sink a large ship it should be fairly balanced.  Additionally the combat taking place on the decks of vessels is detailed and rather exciting to watch because fighting happens slowly, like a wildfire, across the deck until the ship is taken. If you can’t wait to see the combat in action you only have to wait until September!