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It has come to my attention that I have a problem. I own an immense amount of games through steam and still have nothing to play. Over half of the games I own on steam aren’t even downloaded this is mostly due to my slow internet connection but its partially due to the fact that while I have over 3TB of drive space most of it is full.  I have only played a quarter of the games that are downloaded and I can’t be motivated to play the others. I have some phenomenally great games that are ready to be played and yet here I sit not really looking forward to playing them.

Hey guys, it’s Opa again and because I couldn’t find any words to describe Audiosurf I take the description given by Steam: “Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience.” (taken from the description given on Steam.)

Well yeah, that’s pretty much it for the description. It was developed by Dylan Fitterer and was released at the 15 February 2008.

UPDATE: There were more games added to the bundle.

For anyone who doesn´t know what the humblebundle is. It is a Bundle containing carious games for which you can pay whatever you want to get them. Mostly the games are DRM-Free but you get a Steam-Key as well, if you pay 1$ or more. Further, if you pay more than the average Price (which is often at about 5-6$) you get more games + their Steam/Desura Keys).

The proceeds go to charity organisations like “Childs Play Charity” or the American Red Cross. You can decide how you split your payment. Mostly, the humblebudles feature Indie Games, but this time it contains many, very good, games by Deep Silver.

System Shock 2

So, with the release of System Shock 2 on Steam, I figured I would play the game again after I had played it way back when in 2006. With the game on Steam, the install is quick, no-hassle, and easy. The previous way to install the game before Good Old Games (GoG.com), was to download and install a compatibility patch, and do other voodoo to get the game working on windows XP (yes the game is that old). With the install on Steam done, i dove right into a game.

StarMade_TITLEStarMade is a Minecraft-inspired space exploration sandbox game in which you built yourself (or with friends in the multiplayer) a space imperium. 

The Story

Just like Minecraft, StarMade doesn’t have any story to talk about. Well, I guess there´s some backstory to the universe but I didn’t really care about reading all the wiki entries.