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Finally SOE is going to attempt to enforce their rules about forum posting. It was one of the things which bothered me when I returned to Planetside 2. I ended up removing my complaint about the forums before I posted because I knew that some of the discussion was actually trying to improve the game, even though most of it was just trolls or whining. This is because the threads start productive and turn into a pile of shit half way into them. One of the problems with players complaining and not contributing to the discussion is that it derails the thread  and stops it from getting any real momentum. Additionally even though SOE has stated that they don’t listen to players who just whine and complain on the forums but to players it does not appear that way.

So after a long wait here we are with SOE’s first of many Optimization updates. We also have no more double loading screens! YAY!. I decided to play for a few hours to see how much these optimizations had actually improved my gameplay. I left all of my settings where they were from my previous gameplays and I made sure that there were no other applications running in the background. Of course it took them a few extra hours to get the update running on the server and upon logging in I found out that the login servers were down but this was fixed after about twenty minutes. In the warpgate I was getting an fps of 60 so it was already looking good but I didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet.

I had stopped playing Planetside 2 around August as I had grown tired of the imbalance of weapons and populations on Mattherson. I was hoping that taking a break from the game would help me realize how great of a game that Planetside 2 actually was. I knew that there was some major developments being worked on including Hossin, although I had my doubts that it would be produced anytime soon because it was already delayed two times when I was playing.

Yesterday Planetside 2 released their newest OMFG episode 7. They mention in passing that CPU’s getting around 20%-50% performance increase. (Found at about 2:50 in  the video) This is great news if it holds to be true, so far though the only testing they have done is on their public test server. The only reason I am not holding by breath is because that server will never experience the massive amount of players that a typical server would and I rather not be disappointed. That’s really all you need to know about this video because as far as I can tell the rest is just their fun with the test server optimizations and filler which doesn’t pertain to the optimization of the game.

In this episode SOE talks about the changes to animation and effects to make Planetside 2 perform better.

They discuss how rendering players at various distances will only load certain attributes of that player. For example you will see a sniper shooting at 10m in full detail, but from 100m or more away he might appear with a standard rifle so that the game doesn’t have to report and send information to computers about what a player is carrying or how that player is moving. Don’t worry you will still see the player but it makes the load on individual computers much easier when there is a “default” setting so that the computer doesn’t need information from 100 or more players.

Sorry I am late to discuss and post the newest video from the optimization PR campaign but I do have something to say about it. They discussed the major changes to the world that might go unseen but do make a difference in player performance. I will run down a brief list of changes if you don’t wish to watch the video.

Camo’s for guns/vehicles/players scaled down from 512 to 256. I know this will make a difference, but they should investigate using 128 as most players wouldn’t notice the difference due to their under-performing PC’s. If nothing else it testing would reveal how much of a difference the two camo packages could make for players. Personally I rather have a lower graphic setting for better performance any day.

The most recent “PS2 – Operation: Make Faster Game” video was released earlier this month. PhysX is the main talking point in this video as improvements could better all CPU’s and GPU’s. They acknowledge the difference of Quad-core and Dual-core systems and how it is an issue, although they don’t really talk about how they fixing it. All-in-all this video doesn’t convince me that SOE is really dealing with the issues at hand. I feel like they are simply telling us how they are fixing it so that we will continue to give them money for a little while longer. Maybe I am wrong, but you be the Judge.

Population balance: why is it an issue for Planetside 2? When a faction has a higher population than the other factions it clearly has an advantage because PS2 is a numbers game, the more players thrown at an enemy the more likely they will take the win. While this is the advantage to having a higher population there are problems that occur with these as well. Players who are outnumbered will often log off and quit the game, or switch empires to be on the winning side which can make fights for both factions rather boring. No matter how SOE has tried to solve this issue it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Higby released the intended GU13 changes to Planetside 2 earlier today if you want to see the patch notes in full scroll to the bottom, otherwise the important changes are right below. The good news about this patch is that it actually gives us some decent content unlike the previous patches, but should some bugs or pyromaniac’s come along many of these features could be delayed again.

NOTICE: Implants have been removed from GU13 due to player feedback. They are left here for future reference