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In this episode SOE talks about the changes to animation and effects to make Planetside 2 perform better.

They discuss how rendering players at various distances will only load certain attributes of that player. For example you will see a sniper shooting at 10m in full detail, but from 100m or more away he might appear with a standard rifle so that the game doesn’t have to report and send information to computers about what a player is carrying or how that player is moving. Don’t worry you will still see the player but it makes the load on individual computers much easier when there is a “default” setting so that the computer doesn’t need information from 100 or more players.

Sorry I am late to discuss and post the newest video from the optimization PR campaign but I do have something to say about it. They discussed the major changes to the world that might go unseen but do make a difference in player performance. I will run down a brief list of changes if you don’t wish to watch the video.

Camo’s for guns/vehicles/players scaled down from 512 to 256. I know this will make a difference, but they should investigate using 128 as most players wouldn’t notice the difference due to their under-performing PC’s. If nothing else it testing would reveal how much of a difference the two camo packages could make for players. Personally I rather have a lower graphic setting for better performance any day.