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Recently there has been some news about Mojang changing their EULA to restrict private servers from charging real money for in-game services. This quickly spawned discussions on reddit and almost all major gaming news organizations gave their take on it. To be fair, the EULA was reworded, but the rules had been the same for some time. The difference here is that Mojang has never enforced its EULA rules, and it has actually endorsed some of those pay2win servers which makes their EULA void. They cannot forbid something in their EULA and support a server who is breaking it.

After my last minecraft project I wanted to take it easy. I didn’t to plan a project out angle by angle and block by block. I wanted something a bit easier so I decided to do an American Flag. But even though it was built in survival I wanted to make something that I hadn’t seen before so I decided to use lava, snow and water for red, white and blue. Now I know that lava isn’t a perfect match for red, because it’s orange but call it creative freedom because it looks awesome. The flag is 117 blocks tall 222 blocks wide and it is to scale.

I have been playing minecraft for several years and I have always had a way of mining that I thought was most efficient. I have had discussions with friends who think that creating new tunnels every two blocks is more efficient than creating them every three blocks. I decided to put some numbers to the test to see how efficient and effective my method was in reality.

One of the communities that I was a part of had a competition a few months back for its players to build anything they want in survival mode on the server. That means gathering all the materials and placing everything manually, no copy and pasting. Anything could be built and a winner would be chosen. I decided to build a large Heavy Electron Blaster Cannon from eve-online, it was about 65 blocks wide and 85 long, over 60 tall. Wool was used for most of the construction I did highlight some lines with a little obsidian and stone. Truth be told I would have preferred to use diamond blocks over light blue wool but I did not have the 200+ blocks needed to complete this project. Now the inside is hollow and because I am unaware of what actually is inside I just created a small pulsing circuit to “charge” the main gun. The most difficult part was matching the angles of the Electron Blaster in Eve-online on Minecraft which only uses square blocks. Here is the result:HEB-Front

SwordI’ve always played games in a high risk fashion, often leading to my demise in exceptionally embarrassing and disabling ways. In Eve I lose a ship at least once every three or four days. In other games, such as Minecraft, I’ve logged out one night and woke up the next morning to a hole in the ground where my base was and a rude message on a sign. However, to be honest, that’s what I love about those games. Mistakes have a cost, and your labor has worth. The destruction gives credit to your accomplishments. Success isn’t guaranteed and, in fact, it’s exceptionally unlikely. Only a minority of players are going to make it to the top. When you get there, it’s not because you could log the hours and eventually get to where you are going. It’s because you were genuinely better at the game than those around you. That kind of accomplishment and competition is what makes me enjoy the game. Which is why it consistently surprises me when I see other people, who have been playing the same game, on the same server lose their stuff, and then absolutely lose their minds.


Cube World is a Hack´n´Slay game developed by Picroma. It´s their first game and is currently in Alpha status.

As for the most Alpha-Status games out there, it is pretty common to have barely any story. So I skip this step and go directly to the game-play.

Cube World is mixture of many different games. The game has clear influences from Minecraft and the Diablo series.