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Loadout is a free to play TPS or third person shooter that can be played against humans or bots. I don’t really like the idea of third person shooters but honestly it doesn’t seem to affect the game-play at all. For critics of pay-2-win don’t worry Loadout dodged that bullet. Loadout sells a few things, experience boosts, loadout slots, weapon slots, and cosmetic items. They do not sell any weapon or attachments so in order to get them the players have to play. As a player levels they are given so many free character and weapon loadouts so players do not have to purchase them.

There are many different styles of lib pilots and I am going to try to cover them all this week. Today I will be discussing what certifications you should get on your liberator and what weapons you should expect to use. The typical liberators goal is to destroy the enemy forces below while staying safe high up above. In this initial post I will cover the basic certifications and weapons for a bombing liberator. I will cover dogfighting with liberators, and how to properly setup a bombing run on another day.