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It has come to my attention that I have a problem. I own an immense amount of games through steam and still have nothing to play. Over half of the games I own on steam aren’t even downloaded this is mostly due to my slow internet connection but its partially due to the fact that while I have over 3TB of drive space most of it is full.  I have only played a quarter of the games that are downloaded and I can’t be motivated to play the others. I have some phenomenally great games that are ready to be played and yet here I sit not really looking forward to playing them.

I want to explore some concepts of gaming in a series of articles about what I see as important aspects of any game.  The first will focus on what I consider the most important: the story.

Often times an overlooked portion of a game is the story that drives it.  In and about the world today it seems that the propelling factor for games is the better graphics, the smarter physics engines, the better multiplayer experience!  I see the story as taking a backseat (or even back of a bus seat) to these factors sometimes.