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Loadout is a free to play TPS or third person shooter that can be played against humans or bots. I don’t really like the idea of third person shooters but honestly it doesn’t seem to affect the game-play at all. For critics of pay-2-win don’t worry Loadout dodged that bullet. Loadout sells a few things, experience boosts, loadout slots, weapon slots, and cosmetic items. They do not sell any weapon or attachments so in order to get them the players have to play. As a player levels they are given so many free character and weapon loadouts so players do not have to purchase them.

I know that this isn’t a new game by far but I decided to do a review on partially because I was bored, and partially because of the Red Dawn movie that came out last November. Before you ask, no the movie wasn’t that great. In fact I only saw it because it showed up on Netflix a few months ago. Anyway, I had played this game years ago and decided that I should write a review of it.

Hey guys, it’s Opa again and because I couldn’t find any words to describe Audiosurf I take the description given by Steam: “Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience.” (taken from the description given on Steam.)

Well yeah, that’s pretty much it for the description. It was developed by Dylan Fitterer and was released at the 15 February 2008.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist starts out with a big bang: terrorists blow up an American military facility on the island of Guam. The precisely planned attack is the trigger of a countdown that should lead to the downfall of the USA. A group called The Engineers are responsible for this attack. The Engineers are a cooperation of terrorists of twelve Eastern states, in which they have American military stationed.

But this attack isn’t enough for them. The Engineers want to attack every important military base until the government of the USA sends back the soldiers stationed in foreign countries. It wouldn’t be a Splinter Cell game if the infamous former NSA agent Sam Fisher wouldn’t be entrusted with the task to prevent those bombings.

Rocksmith is a Rhythm game developed by Ubisoft San Francisco. When you see someone showing the screen of Rocksmith most people think it´s just another Guitar Hero copy thingy. This is somewhat true, but in Rocksmith you aren´t playing with a plastic guitar with 5 colored buttons on the neck, you´re playing with a REAL guitar or bass. Rocksmith isn´t a real game in my opinion, it´s more like a educational software to teach you guitar or bass.


Jessie James, Billy the Kid, the Daltons – Silas Greaves knows every single one of them. At least, the former headhunter claims this in a dusty saloon in front of a group of a group of curious listeners. In matters of story, Gunslinger falls back to a brilliant trick. Silas leaves none of his steps uncommented, but his memory doesn´t seem to do so well anymore.  Also, he likes to embellish things. So real memories are mixed with flowery fantasy.

System Shock 2

So, with the release of System Shock 2 on Steam, I figured I would play the game again after I had played it way back when in 2006. With the game on Steam, the install is quick, no-hassle, and easy. The previous way to install the game before Good Old Games (GoG.com), was to download and install a compatibility patch, and do other voodoo to get the game working on windows XP (yes the game is that old). With the install on Steam done, i dove right into a game.

KOA_TITLEWhat a world, the fantasy world of Amalur. A world, in which stories about revenge and betrayal get an own place aside cuddly and lovely ones. The only negative point is that you are dead. At least you should be. At the beginning of the action-based RPG, 2 gnomes push a wooden wagon with your lifeless body to the mortuary. “Surprising, how intact the body still is.”, marvels one of the manikins. After this you get thrown into the character editor. In the editor you not only decide how your character will look like, you also choose one of the four races available. Every single one has its own benefits to start out with. The Almani start out with higher skills in blacksmithing. The Varani get lower prices at merchants and start out with better lock picking skills. The Ljósálfar start out with better alchemy-skills, while the dark elves set their focus at first on killing people stealthily. The choice of the race is only relevant for the startout skills. Anytime you want to, you can change your talents and your skills points. Against a price, of course.

FTL: Faster Than Light is an Indie simulation game that has the basic principles of fight to the end, beat the boss, and get a high score. It really gives me nostalgia from when I was growing up and going to a small arcade to play Space Invaders and other games. Grant it FTL is actually more complex than most video games back then, but whether it’s the music or the graphics it does brings me back. Anyway getting back on track it is developed by Subset Games and FTL was launched with kickstarter. For those of you who don’t know what kickstarter is it allows small organizations to raise money via crowd funding.


I wake up in the water, in front of an island I´ve never seen or heard of before. I take my first steps onto this island. The sun is shining on me. I hear the twittering of some birds off in the distance, it seems to be spring. I see a little rabbit in front of me. I approach it, and it hops away. I take some further steps onto the island. I see a forest right in front of me, with its colorful trees and beautiful flowers. After I explored this island a little bit more I noticed, that the sun is going down. The birds quiet down. I searched for a place to sit down and watch the sunset.