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Alpha Review – StarMade

StarMade_TITLEStarMade is a Minecraft-inspired space exploration sandbox game in which you built yourself (or with friends in the multiplayer) a space imperium. 

The Story

Just like Minecraft, StarMade doesn’t have any story to talk about. Well, I guess there´s some … Read the rest


Game Review – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

KOA_TITLEWhat a world, the fantasy world of Amalur. A world, in which stories about revenge and betrayal get an own place aside cuddly and lovely ones. The only negative point is that you are dead. At least you should be. … Read the rest


FTL: Faster Than Light – Game Review

FTL: Faster Than Light is an Indie simulation game that has the basic principles of fight to the end, beat the boss, and get a high score. It really gives me nostalgia from when I was growing up and going … Read the rest


Review – Proteus


I wake up in the water, in front of an island I´ve never seen or heard of before. I take my first steps onto this island. The sun is shining on me. I hear the twittering of some birds off … Read the rest


Kerbal Space Program – Alpha Review


Kerbal-Space-Program(KSP) is a game developed by SQUAD. It´s their first game and all I have to say is: IT´S DAMN AWESOME.

But let´s start at the beginning. KSP is a Space Simulation where you build your own Rockets and Spaceplanes … Read the rest


Civilization V – Game Review

The strategy game series of civilization has been around since I was a kid and their most recent addition Civ 5 has a lot of pressure to live up to its earlier predecessors. For those of you who are not … Read the rest


Anno 2070 Game Review

I decided to grab this game a few months ago when it was on sale and just recently started to play it. Anno 2070 is defined as a strategy game though it doesn’t feel like one, but it does seem … Read the rest