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SNOW – Alpha Review

SNOW – Alpha Review

Hi guys, before I start the review I wanted to apologize that I haven’t made any articles in quite some time. I had some RL-Problems that I needed to solve first. But now I’m back, bringing you a new Alpha-Review.… Read the rest


Planetary Annihilation late alpha review:


Planetary Annihilation(PA) has been in the alpha stage for the better part of four months now, and development has been proceeding quite rapidly, so I do believe now is a good time to see where we stand.

What is PA?Read the rest


Alpha Review – Cube World


Cube World is a Hack´n´Slay game developed by Picroma. It´s their first game and is currently in Alpha status.

As for the most Alpha-Status games out there, it is pretty common to have barely any story. So I skip this … Read the rest


Kerbal Space Program – Alpha Review


Kerbal-Space-Program(KSP) is a game developed by SQUAD. It´s their first game and all I have to say is: IT´S DAMN AWESOME.

But let´s start at the beginning. KSP is a Space Simulation where you build your own Rockets and Spaceplanes … Read the rest