Planetside 2

ESF Changes – PS2

Looks like SOE might actually do something useful for once.I will post the most notable changes below. AA rockets now must be constantly maintained during flight of the rocket, and while this is a bad idea the rockets themselves will travel faster. The lifespan of a rocket will be roughly…Read More »

The Stronghold – PS2

The Stronghold is one of the best places to showcase your offensive and defensive capabilities both as a player and a leader. I am going to go into tactics that help attackers and defenders when fighting for The Stronghold. First off I will discuss attacking the Stronghold then defending it,…Read More »

Battle Islands – Announced – PS2

 There is not much information about how the new battle island will operate though it looks like a 1v1 faction slug fest within a small area and roughly 250 total players (125 each side). It features an Ice canyon, winter trees, and large indoor battle area’s. While nothing has been…Read More »

Prowler Certification Guide – PS2

Today I will be discussing the Prowler tank for the TR to finish my segment on basic tank certification guides. You should expect to spend over 2000 cert points for a decent Prowler fit with an additional 2200 certs for primary and secondary guns. For the other factions: NC…Read More »

Magrider Cerification Guide – PS2

Today I will be posting a guide on how to cert a magrider to get the most for your cert points. Magrider owners should expect to spend around 2200 cert points to fit out a decent magrider and an additional 2200 certs for their main and secondary gun upgrades. I…Read More »

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