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GU13 Announced! – PS2

Higby released the intended GU13 changes to Planetside 2 earlier today if you want to see the patch notes in full scroll to the bottom, otherwise the important changes are right below. The good news about this patch is that it actually gives us some decent content unlike the previous…Read More »

GU12 Changes Announced! – PS2

Today SOE launched its newest update for Planetside 2. To save you some time the major changes are listed below if you want to see all the changes they are located on the Planetside 2 forums .

There is a longer period inbetween alerts. They also stated that they changed…Read More »

Continent Feature – Esamir – PS2

Esamir is a beautiful snow continent that has frozen rivers and very little cover for vehicles and infantry moving below. There are a few things that players need to know about Esamir if they truly want to become killing machines.

If your faction is able to control 75% of the…Read More »

The Lattice System What is Wrong With it? – PS2

Is the lattice system in Planetside 2 bad? This has been a fiery debate between the players for several months now and it still doesn’t have a clear answer. I will discuss improvements that can be made to both systems to make them better as well as why the lattice…Read More »

Pistol Fireworks – PS2

SOE has released a special limited edition pistol that shoots fireworks. Players of course have already started whining about the damage, and cost associate with this item. When shot the round bounces and produces a random firework display of which there are several.
While the damage the weapon does is questionable there…Read More »

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