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SOE Enforcing Forum Rules

Finally SOE is going to attempt to enforce their rules about forum posting. It was one of the things which bothered me when I returned to Planetside 2. I ended up removing my complaint about the forums before I posted because I knew that some of the discussion was actually…Read More »

Planetside 2 – OMFG Update is Out!

So after a long wait here we are with SOE’s first of many Optimization updates. We also have no more double loading screens! YAY!. I decided to play for a few hours to see how much these optimizations had actually improved my gameplay. I left all of my settings where…Read More »

My Return to Planetside 2

I had stopped playing Planetside 2 around August as I had grown tired of the imbalance of weapons and populations on Mattherson. I was hoping that taking a break from the game would help me realize how great of a game that Planetside 2 actually was. I knew that there…Read More »

Optimization, Too Little, To Late – PS2

Let me preface this with the disclosure that I have not really played much Planetside 2 lately because I finally got tired of SOE breaking the game. Primarily the fact that PS2 is catered to the COD generation and not the Planetside generation.
This is a preview of Planetside 2. Read…Read More »

Population Balance – PS2

Population balance: why is it an issue for Planetside 2? When a faction has a higher population than the other factions it clearly has an advantage because PS2 is a numbers game, the more players thrown at an enemy the more likely they will take the win. While this is…Read More »

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