So you are sitting on some idle cash and want to make some extra ISK while you get ready for CCP’s latest expansion, Odyssey 1.1. The question is: Where should you invest your isk to make the most of it. As always there are clear indicators of when and where to place your ISK to make the most of it.

amnesia wallpaper

The first time I played through Amnesia, I had no idea what I was expecting, I just heard that it was “a freaky game.” After playing through several hours of it, and being so immersed in the gameplay, I had trouble sleeping for a week, and a constant fear of someone hunting me. This game completely revolutionized how I look at scary movies, games, and the emotion of fear.

As many noobs in this game, I still have this childish admiration for the greatest ships in Eve: Super-Capitals. These gargantuan demigods are so big that, rumor has it, they can even work as stations! These things however, are expensive, more expensive than I could even conceive. For that, they received my unquestioning admiration. Until the battle of Asakai, the Burn Jita, and the war over the Fountain region came to shatter my idols. There were tales of hundreds and hundreds of destroyed, and a vast amount of ISK destroyed. How can Null-sec alliances afford such a waste of Titans? How do alliances get money in the first place? And how much do they make?

The Barbarian is the other melee class in Diablo 3, offering a different playing experience in comparison to the Monk. Although the Barbarian endgame builds are gimmicky, and there is very little variation from build to build in a specific set, the class is still a lot of fun to play. That level of fun exists both in the ascent from level 1 to level 60 and in said gimmicky builds. This guide will, as the last did, focus on recommending skills and gear to make the level grind as easy as possible for a new player. The Barbarian receives sufficient skills for a viable defensive build earlier than the Monk and can, with a build based off of only one skill, make it through the higher Monster Powers in the first three difficulty levels to speed the journey to Inferno.

There are games out there that are bad. With those you have fun half an hour and then you realize that the game has more negative things than positive. Mostly you realize in that moment that it´s much more fun to watch your washing machine spinning or cheer your laundry up while it dries. Then there are games that are really bad. Mostly you play them because you like the scenario or your washing machine is broken at the moment. And then there is Ride to Pipi: Retribution. A game that’s so bad, that every second you play feels like a kick into your balls.

SwordI’ve always played games in a high risk fashion, often leading to my demise in exceptionally embarrassing and disabling ways. In Eve I lose a ship at least once every three or four days. In other games, such as Minecraft, I’ve logged out one night and woke up the next morning to a hole in the ground where my base was and a rude message on a sign. However, to be honest, that’s what I love about those games. Mistakes have a cost, and your labor has worth. The destruction gives credit to your accomplishments. Success isn’t guaranteed and, in fact, it’s exceptionally unlikely. Only a minority of players are going to make it to the top. When you get there, it’s not because you could log the hours and eventually get to where you are going. It’s because you were genuinely better at the game than those around you. That kind of accomplishment and competition is what makes me enjoy the game. Which is why it consistently surprises me when I see other people, who have been playing the same game, on the same server lose their stuff, and then absolutely lose their minds.

The Monk is one of two melee classes in Diablo 3, the other being the Barbarian. However, the Monk offers a far less gimmicky endgame build and is, in my eyes, quite a bit more fun to play. This guide will focus on giving new players tips to making it to level 60 and Inferno difficulty, both of which act as the Diablo 3 endgame. Normal difficulty concludes at around level 30 and offers a very easy playing experience, so this guide will focus largely on skills available before level 30 and the steps that can be taken to improve them after that point.

With so many MMO’s choosing to go to free-to-play it is surprising that the Sci-fi MMO Wildstar will be choosing a subscription model for their players.  Players will expect to pay $14.99 for each month unless they pay for a 3, 6, or 12 month plan which reduces the monthly cost. However Carbine Studios is also taking a page out of Eve Online’s subscription plan. They are going to allow Certificates of Research, Exploration, Destruction, and Development or CREDD to be purchased for real money and then sold in game. This is exactly what Eve Online does with Pilot’s License EXtension or PLEX for their players as well. This method lets players who become wealthy in the game to essentially play for free with gold, and it allows players who don’t have much free time to purchase in game gold legitimately.

Rocksmith is a Rhythm game developed by Ubisoft San Francisco. When you see someone showing the screen of Rocksmith most people think it´s just another Guitar Hero copy thingy. This is somewhat true, but in Rocksmith you aren´t playing with a plastic guitar with 5 colored buttons on the neck, you´re playing with a REAL guitar or bass. Rocksmith isn´t a real game in my opinion, it´s more like a educational software to teach you guitar or bass.