Today CCP had a live twitch stream where they talked about their new expansion Rubicon slated for later this year.

Here are a list of the expected changes for those who missed the live stream :

HS customs offices are fair game – Players can control HS Custom offices and set their own tax rate. Expect a large fight over the major CO’s around Jita. This IMO will be the biggest change in this expansion, giving large funding to corporations in the universe.

Four new player deployable’s with more planned for the future

I want to explore some concepts of gaming in a series of articles about what I see as important aspects of any game.  The first will focus on what I consider the most important: the story.

Often times an overlooked portion of a game is the story that drives it.  In and about the world today it seems that the propelling factor for games is the better graphics, the smarter physics engines, the better multiplayer experience!  I see the story as taking a backseat (or even back of a bus seat) to these factors sometimes.

Cash flow for Capsuleers 1-10: (Please note that this guide is written for Gallente starter pilots; while much of the below guide also applies to Minmatar, Caldari and Amarr, there are minor deviations.)

Welcome back, during this tutorial we’ll cover: Cloning and medical facilities, agents, objectives and missions, combat, implants and  basic fitting.

Will also move from the new player hub to the career mission hub, this is generally only a few jumps away. For the Gallente this hub is known as Couster.

I've never been lonelier...

I’ve never been lonelier…

“What is an MMO?”  As more and more games get announced with the MMO tag, I’ve found myself questioning its definition more and more.  In the present wave of MMOs, arguably with Guild Wars 2 leading the charge, the industry seems to be pushing the concept of the Dynamic Event – a public event that occurs “randomly” in order to provide immersion.  After all, the “Massively” in MMO surely requires a large, expansive and immersive world, right?

Hello all, since this is the first such article I’ll quickly explain how this will work. At the end of each month I’ll make an article detailing the releases of the next month, including dates and platforms of the expected games.


Total war: Rome II (TW: R II) has been out for three weeks now, and I think I’ve sunk about 80ish hours into it at this point, so I can immediately tell you it’s compelling.

TW: R II is as you might expect a Total War game set between 250BC-150AD. Much like its predecessor, you can play the campaign as one of the 3 main families of the Roman Empire, the Brutii, the Scipii, or the Julii. Unlike the preview TW: R game, you can now also choose to play as Carthage, Egypt, various tribes of Gauls, and if you were lucky enough to preorder, as the Greeks.

In my last article – my “review” of Team Fortress 2 – I discussed the phenomenon of Free-to-Play (F2P) and how it managed to infuse new life into an old game. Of course, it also kicked off one of the all-time great debates in the history of Team Fortress 2. Sure, F2P brought in a bunch of brand new players to the game, but it also . . . brought in a bunch of brand new players to the game. This sudden and overwhelming influx of hundreds and hundreds of noobs* into the servers did a lot to keep the game fresh and new, but it also did a lot to make the servers – especially the public servers – extremely chaotic and sometimes very frustrating.

Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter Guide

The Demon Hunter is one of three ranged classes in Diablo 3, using longbows and crossbows combined with boosted critical hit and dodge chance to mow down enemies as quickly as possible. The Demon Hunter has, at this point, one of the highest damage ceilings of all the classes, topping out thus far at 595,000 dps. However, reaching a skill plateau like that is not to be the point of this article, it will instead be focusing on the ascent to level 60 and offer advice that helps give the player the easiest time reaching that point. The Demon Hunter uses a combination of offensive and defensive skills to stay out of the reach of enemies while dealing them massive damage. The advancement of the Demon Hunter as these skills become unlocked will be examined, as well as the proper methods of gearing your character.

Getting started with Eve Online:


Assuming you don’t already have an account you can get a 14 day trial by clicking here:



This guide will try to cover the first few steps in Eve as best as possible, from character creation to your first splash combat. You can also check out the video tutorial posted at the end of this article.

The first thing you need to do when logging in for the first time is create a new character. For this you have four nationalities to choose from, which are as follows: