Blog Banter 51 – The Shakes

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EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fuelled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away.

It has finally happened! The Dominix is selling for more than its resource cost in Jita. For those of you who are not aware I wrote a speculation post and a two month update where I mention that several battleships will be a worthwhile investment. My predictions that it would take about 6 months to be profitable were partially right. The Dominix is profitable but the Armageddon is still lagging a bit behind. Both  ships will double in value if you bought in at the ground floor, however they have not risen to this level just yet although the Dominix is very close.

So after a long wait here we are with SOE’s first of many Optimization updates. We also have no more double loading screens! YAY!. I decided to play for a few hours to see how much these optimizations had actually improved my gameplay. I left all of my settings where they were from my previous gameplays and I made sure that there were no other applications running in the background. Of course it took them a few extra hours to get the update running on the server and upon logging in I found out that the login servers were down but this was fixed after about twenty minutes. In the warpgate I was getting an fps of 60 so it was already looking good but I didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet.

I had stopped playing Planetside 2 around August as I had grown tired of the imbalance of weapons and populations on Mattherson. I was hoping that taking a break from the game would help me realize how great of a game that Planetside 2 actually was. I knew that there was some major developments being worked on including Hossin, although I had my doubts that it would be produced anytime soon because it was already delayed two times when I was playing.

Recently SOMERblink increased its ISK payout for buying GTC’s from them (200M to 1B ISK). This is due to the fact that CCP is pushing their re-sellers of GTC’s to stop allowing websites to offer incentives to players who buy from them.  I am not here to get into the whole SOMERgate issues I just wanted to say a few things about this particular move.

Yesterday Planetside 2 released their newest OMFG episode 7. They mention in passing that CPU’s getting around 20%-50% performance increase. (Found at about 2:50 in  the video) This is great news if it holds to be true, so far though the only testing they have done is on their public test server. The only reason I am not holding by breath is because that server will never experience the massive amount of players that a typical server would and I rather not be disappointed. That’s really all you need to know about this video because as far as I can tell the rest is just their fun with the test server optimizations and filler which doesn’t pertain to the optimization of the game.

You may have noticed that I haven’t really posted that much these last few days. Well I had a traumatic experience that is going to take awhile to recover from. I had no internet for an entire ten hours. I know what you’re thinking: “That is terrible” or more likely “I think its time you got outside and did something useful”. Well yes it is terrible and that is just silly no one likes to go outside. Seriously though I get outside plenty, in fact I enjoy going out and doing things offline so I was wondering why having no internet is such a big deal?

In this episode SOE talks about the changes to animation and effects to make Planetside 2 perform better.

They discuss how rendering players at various distances will only load certain attributes of that player. For example you will see a sniper shooting at 10m in full detail, but from 100m or more away he might appear with a standard rifle so that the game doesn’t have to report and send information to computers about what a player is carrying or how that player is moving. Don’t worry you will still see the player but it makes the load on individual computers much easier when there is a “default” setting so that the computer doesn’t need information from 100 or more players.

Sorry I am late to discuss and post the newest video from the optimization PR campaign but I do have something to say about it. They discussed the major changes to the world that might go unseen but do make a difference in player performance. I will run down a brief list of changes if you don’t wish to watch the video.

Camo’s for guns/vehicles/players scaled down from 512 to 256. I know this will make a difference, but they should investigate using 128 as most players wouldn’t notice the difference due to their under-performing PC’s. If nothing else it testing would reveal how much of a difference the two camo packages could make for players. Personally I rather have a lower graphic setting for better performance any day.

Hey guys, it’s Opa again and because I couldn’t find any words to describe Audiosurf I take the description given by Steam: “Audiosurf is a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your own music to create your own experience.” (taken from the description given on Steam.)

Well yeah, that’s pretty much it for the description. It was developed by Dylan Fitterer and was released at the 15 February 2008.