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Today’s topic comes from a tweet from @erlendur in a conversation he was having with a pilot about having multiple overview tabs open in separate windows:

So that is the topic this month: The Overview. Is it sufficient? If not how can it be improved? Is there some way to replace it? Does it give too much information, or not enough? Please be creative and specific as the overview currently is the heartbeat of the GUI.

One of the communities that I was a part of had a competition a few months back for its players to build anything they want in survival mode on the server. That means gathering all the materials and placing everything manually, no copy and pasting. Anything could be built and a winner would be chosen. I decided to build a large Heavy Electron Blaster Cannon from eve-online, it was about 65 blocks wide and 85 long, over 60 tall. Wool was used for most of the construction I did highlight some lines with a little obsidian and stone. Truth be told I would have preferred to use diamond blocks over light blue wool but I did not have the 200+ blocks needed to complete this project. Now the inside is hollow and because I am unaware of what actually is inside I just created a small pulsing circuit to “charge” the main gun. The most difficult part was matching the angles of the Electron Blaster in Eve-online on Minecraft which only uses square blocks. Here is the result:HEB-Front

When a friend asked me some time ago if I would be interested in writing for his gaming blog, I was intrigued. I am a writer, after all, and a gamer, and to bring those two together seemed like a great idea.


So I started writing, and using his suggestion, I wrote about my favorite game, Team Fortress 2. A review and a guide for a seven-year-old game? Heck, why not?


Loadout is a free to play TPS or third person shooter that can be played against humans or bots. I don’t really like the idea of third person shooters but honestly it doesn’t seem to affect the game-play at all. For critics of pay-2-win don’t worry Loadout dodged that bullet. Loadout sells a few things, experience boosts, loadout slots, weapon slots, and cosmetic items. They do not sell any weapon or attachments so in order to get them the players have to play. As a player levels they are given so many free character and weapon loadouts so players do not have to purchase them.

I am not going to cover much of the events leading up to the giant fight at B-R5RB because there is going to be tons of information on what happened and right now everyone is still sorting it out. I want to do is say that I could not be more happy to have seen titans, carrier, dreadnaughts, and subcaps die in the biggest battle in eve online’s ten year history. I am also extremely glad that the  stockpiles of Titans are reduced at least for now.

So here we are months into the Rubicon expansion. An expansion that put Customs Offices in high-sec into player hands and that was supposed to mean more pew pew and less free ISKies. Well so far its not exactly doing a good job spreading the content around. Combat in high-sec over POCO’s is extremely rare and when it does occur it is only around Jita between large alliances.

Earlier this week I wrote a war profiteering guide for eve online. Today I log in to find that the CFC and allies are engaged in HED-GP against N3/PL in a Tidi battle that was huge. This fight is the perfect example for what players should look for when trying to make a profit by war profiteering. I quickly looked at the ships they were losing via killboards and promptly flew a stock of them to a system that has a station to store the ships.

In eve war is both inevitable and necessary. The entire economy rests on combat because without destruction there would be no reason to create and no reason to trade. Today I will discuss how you can make a profit from the wars that fuel eve-online. I wouldn’t recommend getting involved unless you had substantial funds to invest. This venture isn’t cheap and moving the goods can cost billions. The cost is high because it requires a mass amount of goods including ships which can cost hundreds of millions each.

How do I figure out who is fighting who and where?

I know that this isn’t a new game by far but I decided to do a review on partially because I was bored, and partially because of the Red Dawn movie that came out last November. Before you ask, no the movie wasn’t that great. In fact I only saw it because it showed up on Netflix a few months ago. Anyway, I had played this game years ago and decided that I should write a review of it.

Gaming communities are where players go to play, interact with or communicate with other players who share the same interests. These can be clans, actual communities, servers, forum boards or any combination in-between. As players being socializing with one another they often find other players who share similar interests which allow for the foundation of a community to begin. Throughout my long gaming career I have been in dozens of clans and even managed to lead some of them at some time or another. These communities are key to the survival of games because they create relationships and give content that the user would otherwise not have. The only reason that I even bothered playing games for more than a few months was because of the people that I got the chance to play with. I decided to take a look at how gaming communities affect the games they gather around and how it in turn affects the players who game.