The lightning can be a very versatile weapon in the field. It has a strong AA platform that will keep enemies away for over 1000 meters and the agility and speed to keep up with them. It will cost you 3363 cert points to get a fully functional and highly effective skyguard to keep your opponents out of the sky.


Today I will discuss the Ammo and repair sunderers, how they work, what you need, and how many cert points you should expect to spend. To make it easier the only sunderer modifications that are different are the defensive slot ones, otherwise they are the same in every regard, just like the AMS post I made earlier. For an ammo sunderer you will expect to spend a total of 2041 cert points, where a repair sunderer will cost you 3041 cert points. Keep in mind these share some of the same requirements as an AMS, so in reality the cost won’t be so large if you already have an AMS leveled up.

For those of you who don’t like to read through the patch notes I have decided to explain the major changes in the last update for Planetside 2. There are many exciting changes that occurred from the lattice system to several commonsense overdue features for Planetside 2.

Recently Planetside 2 has seen a rise in new members and it is very evident in the battle field. This has led to frustration when you get team killed and glory when you dominate the same four or five dudes before they can react. However you will notice the former more often than the latter. Mostly because it will annoy you as you routinely get killed by friendly fire, including friendlies chasing you down to kill you.

With Planetside hitting its ten year anniversary SOE has decided to allow all Planetside one veterans to play the original Planetside for 6 months for free! Players should expect to see invites released within twenty-four hours. Many veterans are looking forward to the change of pace with their old game back, though it will still have strict population limits.

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Providing a spawn for friendlies is critical to the success of a base capture and it can be quite rewarding as well. While sunderers have more than one job being an Advanced Mobile Spawn, is the most important by far. It costs less than 2050 cert points to fit out an effective sunderer as an AMS. I will go over repair/ammo sunderers in more detail in another post later this week.

When placing and AMS it is important that you factor in many things.

Today I will talk about those attachments that are useful when fighting in Planetside 2. There are some attachments that are neither useful nor useless they just fall in-between so I have not discussed every option available yet. With any luck this will help players gain a clear view of which attachments will perform well and which should be left off their rifle.

There are a number of attachments that are pretty useless for the guns that offer them. These can vary from gun to gun but players should be aware what is useful and what is useless. With any luck this guide will help players save cert points and frustration when playing their various classes. I will discuss the most useful attachments later this week so stay tuned.

What would you do with billions of Isk in Eve-Online?

This seems like a stupid question to ask, to the average player the response is along the lines of “They buy a big ass ship and go kill shit with it.” However after investigations and trials I have determined that players who find wealth are more likely to quit eve. I am not saying that rich players leave the game, but players who gain wealth faster than they can spend it are more likely to retire from the game.

Recently I was searching through the forums while talking to my friends and I saw an interesting post. It suggested that SOE should not allow players to bail out of their ESF and live (Light Assaults) thus denying the player a kill. However this is not really the only problem that we should be solving. Because if bailing always killed you then players would still bail, just to deny the kill.  If SOE did prevent players from bailing then when they fly their ESF they might try to crash into the ground denying the kill on the ESF and themselves to prevent their opponent from getting their earned experience. So how can we solve this?