I have played both Planetside 1 and Planetside 2 and there is a big difference in squad leaders. What I am referring to is the fact that players don’t really want to step up and lead a squad let alone a platoon. So I will attempt to address some of the reasons why players do not want the responsibility of leading and I will give some basic leading advice for players who want to be successful.


Today I will discuss the Harasser’s role and the certifications every player should get for it. You will expect to spend 2341 cert points in order to get a decently fit Harasser. The Harasser is a small maneuverable troop transport that can be highly effective in flanking the enemy and killing enemy infantry in the field of battle. It has the capability of more than just troop transport as well, and can be vital when blitzing the enemy.


SOE has launched its next update for Planetside 2 and while it is only a small download (150mb) it has some notable additions to the game. I will just briefly cover the material that is most important because if you want to see the whole list you can just go here.

First and foremost they have added eleven new alert types that require you to capture all of the biolabs, amp stations, or tech plants on a single continent or on all continents. Sorry Esamir does not have a capture tech plant alert as the owners at the start would automatically win that event. They also added customizable squad colors so that players can change the squads to colors that do not look like opponents, for example charlie squad can be something other than purple.

Today I will be discussing the flash and all the certifications that you will need for it. A player should expect to spend at least 1571 certs and more if you decide to use it for more than transport.

 Flash Icon

You should get the acquisition timer to at least level 5 (191 certs). Generally when moving from base to base you only need to pull the vehicle once to get to the fight after that you don’t really need it. For the utility slot you have a lot of useful choices but I will suggest using the NFI-2000 Turbo level 2 (350 certs). It will give you more speed to get into a fight quick and can be used to help out run enemy infantry or vehicles.  You could also opt for scout radar but generally there are plenty of scout radar vehicles in the area so it should not be necessary.

Today I will be discussing the continent of Indar and I will follow up later with the other two continents Amerish and Esamir. The benefit of capturing the Indar is a 10% reduction in anything that costs infantry resources. This seems like a good benefit but  the fact is that it only allows you to buy one more infantry item such as a mine or a grenade and that is not that big of a deal. Until they introduce a continent lock system there is little reason to take a continent for your empire unless you are just compelled to do so.

BulletStorm is an FPS that takes place somewhere in the future. It is a typical FPS where players run around shooting baddies until there are no more baddies to shoot. The storyline itself is very typical but that does not detract from the humor and combat the game offers. I will start this off by saying I always play the game on the most difficult level available so that I can get a better understanding of how difficult it actually is, and it is not difficult at all, but it does have the qualities of a good FPS.

The Galaxy is a troop transport that is used for quick deployments on the battlefield. It is relatively easy to cert up for a galaxy because it is a situational vehicle. You will only need to use it to drop and generally only one time per base, which gives you plenty of time to rearm and repair if necessary. There is a variant called the galaxy gunship and I will delve into that at a later date. It will cost 1739 cert points for a quality galaxy certification.


Since I have already made a post on how to fit a liberator I have decided that I will make some quick notes on how to actually be effective flying one. Liberators are in the game to provide support for the troops below, via their bombing ability. I recommend all liberator pilots constantly move. If you stay still you will get shot down quickly, because liberators are not the most maneuverable things in the game.

There are many different styles of lib pilots and I am going to try to cover them all this week. Today I will be discussing what certifications you should get on your liberator and what weapons you should expect to use. The typical liberators goal is to destroy the enemy forces below while staying safe high up above. In this initial post I will cover the basic certifications and weapons for a bombing liberator. I will cover dogfighting with liberators, and how to properly setup a bombing run on another day.


In Odyssey probe scanning is getting a rework and it looks to be a full overall. With improvements in scanning, ease of use, and making the scanning system look better will no doubt make scanning a more viable profession for beginners and veterans. I have noted some of the bigger changes in this article though it is worth mentioning that Odyssey is not an exploration expansion so don’t worry if scanning is not your thing, but they are doing some vital improvements to it.