So CCP is done balancing all T1 ships and we have seen some crazy price changes because of the adjustments in mineral cost and demand of the ships. Do you think it is over? I certainly don’t. We know that CCP is working on balancing Command Ships and fixing medium long range guns but we don’t know what they are going to be balancing after that. If we could answer that question there would be a huge potential for isk to be made on the market.

KOA_TITLEWhat a world, the fantasy world of Amalur. A world, in which stories about revenge and betrayal get an own place aside cuddly and lovely ones. The only negative point is that you are dead. At least you should be. At the beginning of the action-based RPG, 2 gnomes push a wooden wagon with your lifeless body to the mortuary. “Surprising, how intact the body still is.”, marvels one of the manikins. After this you get thrown into the character editor. In the editor you not only decide how your character will look like, you also choose one of the four races available. Every single one has its own benefits to start out with. The Almani start out with higher skills in blacksmithing. The Varani get lower prices at merchants and start out with better lock picking skills. The Ljósálfar start out with better alchemy-skills, while the dark elves set their focus at first on killing people stealthily. The choice of the race is only relevant for the startout skills. Anytime you want to, you can change your talents and your skills points. Against a price, of course.

FTL: Faster Than Light is an Indie simulation game that has the basic principles of fight to the end, beat the boss, and get a high score. It really gives me nostalgia from when I was growing up and going to a small arcade to play Space Invaders and other games. Grant it FTL is actually more complex than most video games back then, but whether it’s the music or the graphics it does brings me back. Anyway getting back on track it is developed by Subset Games and FTL was launched with kickstarter. For those of you who don’t know what kickstarter is it allows small organizations to raise money via crowd funding.

There are many misconceptions about T2 BPO’s and I will do my best to show you why T2 BPO’s are not a big deal. They don’t give a huge advantage to those who hold them, and they don’t upset the balance of the market. Most importantly they don’t usually generate a substantial income; in fact players can make more isk trading than with T2 BPO production.

Population balance: why is it an issue for Planetside 2? When a faction has a higher population than the other factions it clearly has an advantage because PS2 is a numbers game, the more players thrown at an enemy the more likely they will take the win. While this is the advantage to having a higher population there are problems that occur with these as well. Players who are outnumbered will often log off and quit the game, or switch empires to be on the winning side which can make fights for both factions rather boring. No matter how SOE has tried to solve this issue it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Higby released the intended GU13 changes to Planetside 2 earlier today if you want to see the patch notes in full scroll to the bottom, otherwise the important changes are right below. The good news about this patch is that it actually gives us some decent content unlike the previous patches, but should some bugs or pyromaniac’s come along many of these features could be delayed again.

NOTICE: Implants have been removed from GU13 due to player feedback. They are left here for future reference

Two months after Odyssey Where are the markets?

Well it’s been two months and how have some of the investments I mentioned earlier done? Well it has been a rather slow start, but quicker than I initially predicted. Though I still think it might be a year before these ships gain their full market value.


Armageddon-100m Now-133m=33% Profit

Dominix-100m Now-160m=60% Profit

Typhoon-105m Now-135m=29% Profit


I wake up in the water, in front of an island I´ve never seen or heard of before. I take my first steps onto this island. The sun is shining on me. I hear the twittering of some birds off in the distance, it seems to be spring. I see a little rabbit in front of me. I approach it, and it hops away. I take some further steps onto the island. I see a forest right in front of me, with its colorful trees and beautiful flowers. After I explored this island a little bit more I noticed, that the sun is going down. The birds quiet down. I searched for a place to sit down and watch the sunset.

How important are traders to eve-online? Typically traders are seen as middlemen who have little interest in providing goods to players at a low cost but that isn’t exactly true. Traders drive the market prices down and are able to make goods available where they are typically not. This in turn allows missioners to buy ammo at their current station or fit out a new ship without having to go 10 jumps to get it.

Today SOE launched its newest update for Planetside 2. To save you some time the major changes are listed below if you want to see all the changes they are located on the Planetside 2 forums .

  • There is a longer period inbetween alerts. They also stated that they changed the population requirements that cause these to launch. (This could be a problem because many servers have a severe overpopulation of one faction which means either there will still be tons of alerts or none at all.)