PleximgPlex or Pilot’s License Extension allows players in game to buy game time with ISK, and players who have real money to buy ISK in game. This system benefits all parties by providing money to CCP and ISK or game time to players. For years now, I have seen players asking the time-old question: Is Plex the gold market of New Eden?


Jessie James, Billy the Kid, the Daltons – Silas Greaves knows every single one of them. At least, the former headhunter claims this in a dusty saloon in front of a group of a group of curious listeners. In matters of story, Gunslinger falls back to a brilliant trick. Silas leaves none of his steps uncommented, but his memory doesn´t seem to do so well anymore.  Also, he likes to embellish things. So real memories are mixed with flowery fantasy.

Corpse collecting, sure it is a little odd but that shouldn’t be all too surprising in Eve Online. Now corpses don’t have any real value, they cannot be refined or salvaged for implants, but collectors are still going crazy for them. Players are always trying to find ways to make money and fame off of anything and the corpse market is just another way to do just that.

UPDATE: There were more games added to the bundle.

For anyone who doesn´t know what the humblebundle is. It is a Bundle containing carious games for which you can pay whatever you want to get them. Mostly the games are DRM-Free but you get a Steam-Key as well, if you pay 1$ or more. Further, if you pay more than the average Price (which is often at about 5-6$) you get more games + their Steam/Desura Keys).

The proceeds go to charity organisations like “Childs Play Charity” or the American Red Cross. You can decide how you split your payment. Mostly, the humblebudles feature Indie Games, but this time it contains many, very good, games by Deep Silver.

System Shock 2

So, with the release of System Shock 2 on Steam, I figured I would play the game again after I had played it way back when in 2006. With the game on Steam, the install is quick, no-hassle, and easy. The previous way to install the game before Good Old Games (, was to download and install a compatibility patch, and do other voodoo to get the game working on windows XP (yes the game is that old). With the install on Steam done, i dove right into a game.

There are upsides and downsides to living in wormhole space but is it worth it? Obviously there is the money factor, money is easy to make in wormholes and even though players might struggle at first anyone can make it work. The other reason players like to live in wormholes is the PvP action that can be found, often the victor in a battle is decided by whoever brings the most ships, but that’s not typically true in a wormhole due to the smaller fleet fights that occur. Now that is also a mark against wormholes for some players as they prefer to not be involved in any kind of pvp, but that’s what Eve Online is all about.

StarMade_TITLEStarMade is a Minecraft-inspired space exploration sandbox game in which you built yourself (or with friends in the multiplayer) a space imperium. 

The Story

Just like Minecraft, StarMade doesn’t have any story to talk about. Well, I guess there´s some backstory to the universe but I didn’t really care about reading all the wiki entries.

Is it possible to create a new trade hub? Well the question has been asked before but to adjust it: Can one player lay the seeds of creation for a new trade hub? A trade hub obviously has to have more than one trader supplying resources and buying the excess, but can you start a trade hub that becomes permanent?


Like the title already say, Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) 2013 started.

Anyone who doesn´t know SGDQ:

Summer Games Done Quick is a speedrunning marathon, where speedrunners run many really good games and collect donations for charity organisations. It is hosted by in coorporation with This time the money goes to the “Doctors without Borders”- Foundation, which help to spread medical care all over the world and help persons, who cant effort medical health care.

Since the start of Eve players have been discussing how they can improve low-sec and encourage high-sec players to join in the fun. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to encourage players to leave the safety of high-sec for the unknown of low-sec.  Here are some of the most commonly discussed ideas to improve player interactions in low-sec and why they don’t all work: