HomeFront – Game Review

HomeFront – Game Review

I know that this isn’t a new game by far but I decided to do a review on partially because I was bored, and partially because of the Red Dawn movie that came out last November. Before you ask, no the movie wasn’t that great. In fact I only saw it because it showed up on Netflix a few months ago. Anyway, I had played this game years ago and decided that I should write a review of it.

HOMEFRONT-ScreenshotThey did a great job with the graphics even two years later they look great. The way the sun would obscure my vision and how it would be worse with my scope made for an experience that is usually lacking in other games. A game that uses realistic sun light which can obscure a view but not obscure everything in the world is not easy to find. The detail on the weapons was so great that it was easy to tell which weapons had silencers and which didn’t without having to cycle through each and every one of them. The game used a two gun system where you can only carry two guns at any one time. This can be annoying when you would like to keep that rocket launcher but it adds a nice since of realism to the game. It also meant that I had to constantly pick up soldiers weapons because I would run out of ammo and couldn’t find any for the rifles that I liked to use. I particularly enjoyed running around looting my opponents rifles only to use them on their friends.

I can’t really talk much about the multiplayer because at this time, only three years later the multiplayer is dead. There are less than twenty servers and not a single one had active players to play against. I would have expected a successful multiplayer game that is only a few years old to have at least more active players than the original half-life death-match servers have today. I count this as a negative though to be fair I can’t really say if it was good, but process of deduction implies that it wasn’t good enough.

So let’s get into why this game isn’t that great. First of all it only took me four hours to complete it and I was playing on hard mode. I am all for making a game a reasonable length, if it is too long then you get tired of it, but honestly this is way too short. There are loads more that they could have added to make this game longer, hell I would have liked to have more baddies to shoot. In fact most of those four hours were spent waiting for something to happen so I don’t even know if I should count those. There was no challenge in HomeFront either. Anytime that it could have been difficult to complete an objective I was given some sort of gaming breaking advantage like a tank. I mean I like blowing things up but honestly I don’t need that much help to complete my objective, give me rockets and C4 and I will have a field day.

*Spoiler Alert*

The storyline is another issue entirely. They don’t really explain anything that has happened or why you were taken from your room other than the North Koreans have invaded and they are bad. There is this man, who has a plan, to save San Fran, if he can. Don’t worry ill stop myself here. Somehow you are a vital part of his plan and without you the resistance is doomed. Well nothing new there, you are the savior to the world, that doesn’t bother me but I could not figure out at where the storyline was going. After I completed the entire game I realized how bad the storyline was. THQ had the perfect opportunity to make a great storyline and this is what they came up with: You are a helicopter pilot and you have to place trackers on a fuel truck to track them, get a helicopter so you can highjack the trucks, so you can bring it to the Golden Gate Bridge and take the bridge back. Ohh and best I can tell the fuel is vitally needed because our tanks have run out of it just feet from the bridge itself. That is the entire plot line to this game. The game then proceeds to end so abruptly that you wait for a few minutes expecting the plot to continue. It seems like THQ built HomeFront in a week and before it was Friday they fired their entire staff.

I thought this game should have been better and it could have been. The graphics are nice but you do see high quality graphics in most FPS games released today so it isn’t enough to get it a high rating. The storyline was so disappointing that it really hurts the games score. My hope is that HomeFront 2, under it’s new developer, will be as great as this game should have been.

The Verdict


The Good: Graphics, Not Buggy,

The Bad: Storyline, Multiplayer, It was too short of a game, not challenging

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