Alpha Review – Cube World


Cube World is a Hack´n´Slay game developed by Picroma. It´s their first game and is currently in Alpha status.

As for the most Alpha-Status games out there, it is pretty common to have barely any story. So I skip this step and go directly to the game-play.

Cube World is mixture of many different games. The game has clear influences from Minecraft and the Diablo series.

At first you create your own character. You can choose between 8 races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Goblin, Undead, Frogman, Lizard), which don’t really differ from each other. Six of these are the same with other characters designs. Only the Goblins and Dwarves differ from the usual class stuff, because they are smaller and can get into small cave entrances. Each race can be any of the 4 classes. The classes are from the standard RPG repertoire. There is the Warrior, who is a tank and damage dealer. The Warrior is the only class that can wield heavy armor. Then there is the obligatory Mage that wields cloth armor and, of course, a staff. The Ranger is the archer. He wields medium armor and bows as a weapon. The last class of them is the Rogue. He wields light armor and dual daggers or long swords.

After you created you character you are thrown into a randomly-generated pixel world that is reminiscent  of Minecraft. But instead of mining blocks to build them up at another point to build your residence (at least not at the moment), you roam around in this sheerly endless world and discover towns, caves, dungeons, etc.

The combat of this game is really basic. You attack with the left mouse button; you cast spells with the right mouse button and the 1-4 keys. Each class can be trained in two ways. For example, SKill Treethe Rogue can be specialized to a ninja that dodges everything when he uses special attacks, or an assassin that builds up a stealth meter with every hit, which increases the strength of his attacks. The skill tree is held really basic. Each class and sub-class has 3 active, class specific, skills to choose from. The change of the sub-class only changes the last skill. So each class only has 4 skills. The other 3 skill paths are the same for every class and contain passive bonuses like better climbing, pet riding, health and faster swimming. You can get your own pet out of a variety of closeable pets. There are cats, alpacas, moles, and many more. To tame a pet you simply need the matching food for the specific pet. For example, you need candy to tame a cat. After taming the cat, you don´t have to feed it anymore. You can tame as many pets as you want, because you can store them in your inventory.

At the start of the game you are too weak for most of the monsters in the world, which means grinding, grinding and more grinding for experience points. Or you can join a server with high level people. You don´t have to be near them. You only have to be on the same server, when a guy completes a high lvl quest you will receive experience.

The weapon crafting system is pretty interesting in this game. WorldNearly any weapon you find, you can upgrade and customize with blocks you find in the wilds. While iron blocks on your weapons simply are for the increasing the base damage, fire or ice blocks can be used to add elemental damage to your weapon. You can also craft your own armor, but you can´t customize it yet. Basically the crafting system works a little bit like World of Warcraft. First, you need to get a formula for the item you want to craft. Then you have to gather the materials needed from monsters and stuff you can destroy in the wilds. Finally you go to a crafting bench and craft the stuff you want.

Sound-wise, the game is atrocious. Mostly because it doesn’t have that much sound. First of all, it has no music at all. The combat sounds are really simple and the ambient sounds limit themselves to bird twittering.

Graphics-wise, the game does a pretty decent job. The lighting looks really nice and the generated landscapes are beautiful. The character models are completely built out of voxels and look really nice.

Overall I can say that I had some fun playing this game. But it’s too easy if you´re playing online and much too hard when playing solo. I like the graphic style of this game. The gameplay becomes repetitive over some time because you are simply doing the same things over and over again. I hope that the developers add more depth into the skill trees and the overall complexity of this game.

The Verdict


The Good: Easy to learn Fighting system;Cute character design;Nice Worlds

The Bad: Bad sound;repetitive fights;grinding;too hard in Singleplayer

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