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Today I will be discussing the Prowler tank for the TR to finish my segment on basic tank certification guides. You should expect to spend over 2000 cert points for a decent Prowler fit with an additional 2200 certs for primary and secondary guns. For the other factions: NC – How to fit a Vanguard, VS – How to fit a Magrider


Today I will be posting a guide on how to cert a magrider to get the most for your cert points. Magrider owners should expect to spend around 2200 cert points to fit out a decent magrider and an additional 2200 certs for their main and secondary gun upgrades. I will note here that I recommend the same secondary guns for all tanks and therefore the information on them did not change but to save time I did re-post them below. For the other factions: NC – How to fit a Vanguard, TR – how to fit a Prowler.

Last week I did a post on why no one likes to take squad leader, today I will discuss what makes a good squad leader. You will need a few basic skills in the squad leading certification area, but it won’t cost you that much only 1030 certification points. Squad

Today I will discuss the Harasser’s role and the certifications every player should get for it. You will expect to spend 2341 cert points in order to get a decently fit Harasser. The Harasser is a small maneuverable troop transport that can be highly effective in flanking the enemy and killing enemy infantry in the field of battle. It has the capability of more than just troop transport as well, and can be vital when blitzing the enemy.


Today I will be discussing the flash and all the certifications that you will need for it. A player should expect to spend at least 1571 certs and more if you decide to use it for more than transport.

 Flash Icon

You should get the acquisition timer to at least level 5 (191 certs). Generally when moving from base to base you only need to pull the vehicle once to get to the fight after that you don’t really need it. For the utility slot you have a lot of useful choices but I will suggest using the NFI-2000 Turbo level 2 (350 certs). It will give you more speed to get into a fight quick and can be used to help out run enemy infantry or vehicles.  You could also opt for scout radar but generally there are plenty of scout radar vehicles in the area so it should not be necessary.

The Galaxy is a troop transport that is used for quick deployments on the battlefield. It is relatively easy to cert up for a galaxy because it is a situational vehicle. You will only need to use it to drop and generally only one time per base, which gives you plenty of time to rearm and repair if necessary. There is a variant called the galaxy gunship and I will delve into that at a later date. It will cost 1739 cert points for a quality galaxy certification.


Since I have already made a post on how to fit a liberator I have decided that I will make some quick notes on how to actually be effective flying one. Liberators are in the game to provide support for the troops below, via their bombing ability. I recommend all liberator pilots constantly move. If you stay still you will get shot down quickly, because liberators are not the most maneuverable things in the game.

There are many different styles of lib pilots and I am going to try to cover them all this week. Today I will be discussing what certifications you should get on your liberator and what weapons you should expect to use. The typical liberators goal is to destroy the enemy forces below while staying safe high up above. In this initial post I will cover the basic certifications and weapons for a bombing liberator. I will cover dogfighting with liberators, and how to properly setup a bombing run on another day.


There are a number of attachments that are pretty useless for the guns that offer them. These can vary from gun to gun but players should be aware what is useful and what is useless. With any luck this guide will help players save cert points and frustration when playing their various classes. I will discuss the most useful attachments later this week so stay tuned.