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Diablo 3 – Demon Hunter Guide

The Demon Hunter is one of three ranged classes in Diablo 3, using longbows and crossbows combined with boosted critical hit and dodge chance to mow down enemies as quickly as possible. The Demon Hunter has, at this point, one of the highest damage ceilings of all the classes, topping out thus far at 595,000 dps. However, reaching a skill plateau like that is not to be the point of this article, it will instead be focusing on the ascent to level 60 and offer advice that helps give the player the easiest time reaching that point. The Demon Hunter uses a combination of offensive and defensive skills to stay out of the reach of enemies while dealing them massive damage. The advancement of the Demon Hunter as these skills become unlocked will be examined, as well as the proper methods of gearing your character.

The Barbarian is the other melee class in Diablo 3, offering a different playing experience in comparison to the Monk. Although the Barbarian endgame builds are gimmicky, and there is very little variation from build to build in a specific set, the class is still a lot of fun to play. That level of fun exists both in the ascent from level 1 to level 60 and in said gimmicky builds. This guide will, as the last did, focus on recommending skills and gear to make the level grind as easy as possible for a new player. The Barbarian receives sufficient skills for a viable defensive build earlier than the Monk and can, with a build based off of only one skill, make it through the higher Monster Powers in the first three difficulty levels to speed the journey to Inferno.

The Monk is one of two melee classes in Diablo 3, the other being the Barbarian. However, the Monk offers a far less gimmicky endgame build and is, in my eyes, quite a bit more fun to play. This guide will focus on giving new players tips to making it to level 60 and Inferno difficulty, both of which act as the Diablo 3 endgame. Normal difficulty concludes at around level 30 and offers a very easy playing experience, so this guide will focus largely on skills available before level 30 and the steps that can be taken to improve them after that point.