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SwordI’ve always played games in a high risk fashion, often leading to my demise in exceptionally embarrassing and disabling ways. In Eve I lose a ship at least once every three or four days. In other games, such as Minecraft, I’ve logged out one night and woke up the next morning to a hole in the ground where my base was and a rude message on a sign. However, to be honest, that’s what I love about those games. Mistakes have a cost, and your labor has worth. The destruction gives credit to your accomplishments. Success isn’t guaranteed and, in fact, it’s exceptionally unlikely. Only a minority of players are going to make it to the top. When you get there, it’s not because you could log the hours and eventually get to where you are going. It’s because you were genuinely better at the game than those around you. That kind of accomplishment and competition is what makes me enjoy the game. Which is why it consistently surprises me when I see other people, who have been playing the same game, on the same server lose their stuff, and then absolutely lose their minds.


Speculation is just what it seems to be gambling that an item will go up in price and investing before everyone else knows. This tends to happen before the expansions go live. It is difficult to find what is going to be valuable before everyone else, and it requires lots of time spend going through patch notes and playing on the test server. With all things that a player can find out about an expansion there is nothing that is set in stone, if there is a patch note saying half of asteroid fields will be removed investing in minerals seems logical and profitable assuming something else was not added in. However come patch day there is no guarantee that the developers will remove the asteroids and therefore you are always gambling when it comes to speculation.

Station trading

Station trading is the lazy man’s trading. All you do is go to a major station like the ones in Jita or Dodixie and place buy orders for hundreds of items, and then sell those same items in the same station. The profit margin on this is pretty slim, usually 5-10% but it is possible to trade thousands of items a day which is what makes this profitable. This method requires billions to get started and costs lots of time updating orders because the bidding wars get very tough. In jita almost any item can be bought and resold for a profit, but the focus needs to be on turning items over quickly because that’s where the money is. Most items don’t have a huge individual profit, but because the percent of profit is about the same, finding more expensive items to station trade would be preferable.

Contract Trading


These skills are really only needed for contract trading, you are given 5 public contracts normally.

Contracting level 4 – Grants 17 personal contracts open at one time

Corporation Contracting level 4 – Grants 50 public corporation contracts

Contract Trading is not in play as much as it once was but it should get a mention if nothing else. It is very expensive to branch into, costing upwards of ten billion just to get started. However the profits in the game are phenomenal and the time spend is minimal. The reason this method is outdated is that faction items are no longer solely on the contract market, they exist on the normal market now.

Trade Routes

Trade Route Example

I consider trading routes as places players go to buy and sell items routinely. They can be from one trading hub to another or from one mission hub to a trading hub. This requires several things in order to be successful. First off they player needs to do extensive research on the buying and selling locations to see what kind of inventory can be moved at both and which can be more profitable. This is not a blanket approach like the region wide trading, but it can actually be more profitable with less time spent gathering goods to sell on the market. It is important to find items you can buy in one location and sell in another with as little stops as possible. I will discuss the best ways to find these routes and how you can make a good profit doing so.

Every day this week I will be making an article on trading in eve-online. Know that in these articles I won’t really give specifics of what was traded, but I give a few examples of some of the items that were traded. I think that the player needs to find where the need is and make it their own because even if I were to hand out everything I know it wouldn’t make the player vested in their own success. Quite frankly if you don’t care to do the research then trading isn’t for you, because you will lose millions. The concept is very simple though when it comes to all types of trading buy low, sell high. Most people will tell you that’s how you can be successful in trading, but it also helps to do research.  I started with less than one hundred million and if I found out how to make isk anyone else could, but research is the only way you can be successful. Here are the most common ways to trade, Region-wide, Trade Routes, Contracts, Stations, and Speculation.