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Every day this week I will be making an article on trading in eve-online. Know that in these articles I won’t really give specifics of what was traded, but I give a few examples of some of the items that were traded. I think that the player needs to find where the need is and make it their own because even if I were to hand out everything I know it wouldn’t make the player vested in their own success. Quite frankly if you don’t care to do the research then trading isn’t for you, because you will lose millions. The concept is very simple though when it comes to all types of trading buy low, sell high. Most people will tell you that’s how you can be successful in trading, but it also helps to do research.  I started with less than one hundred million and if I found out how to make isk anyone else could, but research is the only way you can be successful. Here are the most common ways to trade, Region-wide, Trade Routes, Contracts, Stations, and Speculation.