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That’s right CCP just hired Sean Decker as their senior VP of product development he was previously with EA as their VP of the group “play4free”. The forums for eve-online are already alive with rage as players assume that this is the start of a bad road for CCP. As you are all likely aware EA gained a reputation for nickel-and-dimming every customer at any possible moment they can. Not to mention their poor implementation of recent games and how poorly they treat their customers. I hope that he is ex-VP for a good reason such as “EA has a terrible marketing plan” though as VP I don’t even know if that would be a valid excuse. The only thing that is sure at this moment is that Decker will have to prove himself to the eve community quickly because if he doesn’t they will chew him up and spit him out in three months. I think it is too early to tell if this will be a poor choice for CCP games or not, but if Hilmar himself was not able to get his way with the Micro-transactions when Incarna was released I doubt this guy would stand a chance. So relax, and lets see what happens we can always riot again

In Odyssey probe scanning is getting a rework and it looks to be a full overall. With improvements in scanning, ease of use, and making the scanning system look better will no doubt make scanning a more viable profession for beginners and veterans. I have noted some of the bigger changes in this article though it is worth mentioning that Odyssey is not an exploration expansion so don’t worry if scanning is not your thing, but they are doing some vital improvements to it.

What would you do with billions of Isk in Eve-Online?

This seems like a stupid question to ask, to the average player the response is along the lines of “They buy a big ass ship and go kill shit with it.” However after investigations and trials I have determined that players who find wealth are more likely to quit eve. I am not saying that rich players leave the game, but players who gain wealth faster than they can spend it are more likely to retire from the game.

We all knew it was coming but did you invest soon enough? We have received the new resource costs for battleships on Sisi and it looks like once again there will be a rise in buying, selling, and building of ships before the patch occurs. The numbers could change and that would be a problem for many speculators getting on the train now but if you remember the previous patches and how the mineral costs of ships had changed you might have invested before the general public got word of it. Don’t forget the last few times mineral costs have changed some of the ships took months to recover and some still are.

Think Eve-online is complicated? Just wait until the 4th of June when their new hacking and Archaeology interface is released. At first glance it looks really interesting but as I started to read about it I have some concerns. One of which they don’t mention is when hacking will the player still be able to operate their ship, and I would assume that they would, however would that mean when out of range they would have to start over? The Dev blog posted gives little information and I am not sure that there is much development of the hacking itself at this point in time, rather they just focused on a new UI for Odyssey.


Speculation is just what it seems to be gambling that an item will go up in price and investing before everyone else knows. This tends to happen before the expansions go live. It is difficult to find what is going to be valuable before everyone else, and it requires lots of time spend going through patch notes and playing on the test server. With all things that a player can find out about an expansion there is nothing that is set in stone, if there is a patch note saying half of asteroid fields will be removed investing in minerals seems logical and profitable assuming something else was not added in. However come patch day there is no guarantee that the developers will remove the asteroids and therefore you are always gambling when it comes to speculation.

Station trading

Station trading is the lazy man’s trading. All you do is go to a major station like the ones in Jita or Dodixie and place buy orders for hundreds of items, and then sell those same items in the same station. The profit margin on this is pretty slim, usually 5-10% but it is possible to trade thousands of items a day which is what makes this profitable. This method requires billions to get started and costs lots of time updating orders because the bidding wars get very tough. In jita almost any item can be bought and resold for a profit, but the focus needs to be on turning items over quickly because that’s where the money is. Most items don’t have a huge individual profit, but because the percent of profit is about the same, finding more expensive items to station trade would be preferable.

Contract Trading


These skills are really only needed for contract trading, you are given 5 public contracts normally.

Contracting level 4 – Grants 17 personal contracts open at one time

Corporation Contracting level 4 – Grants 50 public corporation contracts

Contract Trading is not in play as much as it once was but it should get a mention if nothing else. It is very expensive to branch into, costing upwards of ten billion just to get started. However the profits in the game are phenomenal and the time spend is minimal. The reason this method is outdated is that faction items are no longer solely on the contract market, they exist on the normal market now.

Trade Routes

Trade Route Example

I consider trading routes as places players go to buy and sell items routinely. They can be from one trading hub to another or from one mission hub to a trading hub. This requires several things in order to be successful. First off they player needs to do extensive research on the buying and selling locations to see what kind of inventory can be moved at both and which can be more profitable. This is not a blanket approach like the region wide trading, but it can actually be more profitable with less time spent gathering goods to sell on the market. It is important to find items you can buy in one location and sell in another with as little stops as possible. I will discuss the best ways to find these routes and how you can make a good profit doing so.

Today CCP released their next part of the expansion for Retribution. This includes many bug fixes and a few capital ship changes. Players also received a new limited edition battle-cruiser that looks to be cool and functional which is refreshing after the Echelon which was ugly and useless. The market has already begun buying these up with an average price around 150 million isk each, and assuming they don’t release more it will be interesting to see how much use they actually get, and how high the price might go. Read about the little changes Here