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Cash flow for Capsuleers 1-10: (Please note that this guide is written for Gallente starter pilots; while much of the below guide also applies to Minmatar, Caldari and Amarr, there are minor deviations.)

Welcome back, during this tutorial we’ll cover: Cloning and medical facilities, agents, objectives and missions, combat, implants and  basic fitting.

Will also move from the new player hub to the career mission hub, this is generally only a few jumps away. For the Gallente this hub is known as Couster.

I've never been lonelier...

I’ve never been lonelier…

“What is an MMO?”  As more and more games get announced with the MMO tag, I’ve found myself questioning its definition more and more.  In the present wave of MMOs, arguably with Guild Wars 2 leading the charge, the industry seems to be pushing the concept of the Dynamic Event – a public event that occurs “randomly” in order to provide immersion.  After all, the “Massively” in MMO surely requires a large, expansive and immersive world, right?

Getting started with Eve Online:


Assuming you don’t already have an account you can get a 14 day trial by clicking here:



This guide will try to cover the first few steps in Eve as best as possible, from character creation to your first splash combat. You can also check out the video tutorial posted at the end of this article.

The first thing you need to do when logging in for the first time is create a new character. For this you have four nationalities to choose from, which are as follows:

 Let me begin this article with the fact that my journalistic commitment has genuinely harmed my employment chances. Due to my last article about Awoxing, I had roughly fifteen other corporations take a look at me, and do a quick Google search before snorting derisively and told me to go packing. So I hope you enjoyed the tales of Mai Kulan’air and his unfortunate deeds, he swears, the missiles just fired themselves. However, luckily Wormbros were nice enough to look past that, although I think I’ve caused the CEO of one of our fellow corp mates no end of grief. His corp is one of the ones that helps us Wormbros out to save us from our tenancies to try to inspect the inside of a hybrid cannon with our heads. He personally set up our Player Owned Station (POS) for us and I’d hate to be the corp that tries to evict us, I’m sure with enough people and time they could do it, but this is a man who defended his own player-owned station for twenty-three hours, just putting guns online as they were destroyed and when that finally broke down, he put online every hardener his base had. Ocularis Inferno threw their hands up and invited him to the corp, because what else can you do with someone like that? Poor guy took one look at my article and has spent the rest of the time I’ve been online with one hand on the Wormbro’s POS self destruct button waiting for stuff to start disappearing. (I don’t actually know if POSes have that, but it sounds awesome).

With the Odyssey 1.1 patch now fully up and running there was a bit of commotion over Mining Foreman Mindlinks. Apparently they can be purchased using Loyalty Points from the store. Normally a change such as this isn’t too game breaking but when the item is worth over 1 billion ISK and the LP required now is minimal it is quite devastating. The market crashed almost instantly and the current value is worth about 50 million ISK. It is important to note that many years ago these mindlinks were worth only 30-50 million ISK and only increased in price when their drop rate changed. There is a reason you should keep your market portfolio diversified and I will help explain how you can do that and still stay profitable.

So you are sitting on some idle cash and want to make some extra ISK while you get ready for CCP’s latest expansion, Odyssey 1.1. The question is: Where should you invest your isk to make the most of it. As always there are clear indicators of when and where to place your ISK to make the most of it.

As many noobs in this game, I still have this childish admiration for the greatest ships in Eve: Super-Capitals. These gargantuan demigods are so big that, rumor has it, they can even work as stations! These things however, are expensive, more expensive than I could even conceive. For that, they received my unquestioning admiration. Until the battle of Asakai, the Burn Jita, and the war over the Fountain region came to shatter my idols. There were tales of hundreds and hundreds of destroyed, and a vast amount of ISK destroyed. How can Null-sec alliances afford such a waste of Titans? How do alliances get money in the first place? And how much do they make?

Goonswarm has announced their intention to rent their available space to other corporations in order to make more ISK.  With the war in Fountain and Delve winding down, this is not really that surprising. Wars cost money and, as valuable as those regions are, they can be worth even more if they are rented out. It appears that GSF just realized how much ISK was made from renting space and want their piece of the pie as well. However Goonswarm face a host of challenges from renting their space out to the highest bidder.

One of the first things that I ever realized about Eve Online is that I am terrible at it. I get blown up probably once every few days. Sometimes by carelessly wandering into an NPC encounter I can’t hope to win, sometimes by trying to transport expensive mining materials through Low-sec. The best part of it all? I absolutely love being bad at this game. I’ve had more fun being bad at this game than I have being good at almost anything I can think of. Eve is challenging, evolving, and a rush. I’ve only been playing two months at this point and already the girlfriend is sick of hearing about it and my mind is preoccupied with visions of universal domination.