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Earlier this week I wrote a war profiteering guide for eve online. Today I log in to find that the CFC and allies are engaged in HED-GP against N3/PL in a Tidi battle that was huge. This fight is the perfect example for what players should look for when trying to make a profit by war profiteering. I quickly looked at the ships they were losing via killboards and promptly flew a stock of them to a system that has a station to store the ships.

In eve war is both inevitable and necessary. The entire economy rests on combat because without destruction there would be no reason to create and no reason to trade. Today I will discuss how you can make a profit from the wars that fuel eve-online. I wouldn’t recommend getting involved unless you had substantial funds to invest. This venture isn’t cheap and moving the goods can cost billions. The cost is high because it requires a mass amount of goods including ships which can cost hundreds of millions each.

How do I figure out who is fighting who and where?

Follow these steps to retrieve your API for third party programs.

  1. Players can set their Eve API from the support page
  2. Create New API Key (Top Right)
  3. Select the API information you want shown (Type of key, list of characters, API Settings)
  4. If using for a long term program such as Eve-MON or EveHQ then select the “No Expiry” box.
  5. Click “Submit” in the lower right corner
  6. Then locate the API key you created and copy the Key ID and Verification Code to input into the program of you choosing

So you wanted to be a CEO, well recruiting is something you’ll have to deal with if you hope to be successful. In this guide ill show you how to recruit, what to look for when recruiting and how you can limit potential Spies/Theives/Awoxers from getting into your corp.

To recruit new members to your corporation you have several options:

This isn’t a new topic by any means but due to some recent high value kills I decided I would discuss transporting expensive goods. Every day there are transport pilots who get ganked and don’t seem to learn from their experience. A player cannot avoid being ganked, they can however reduce their risk. If someone really has it out for them then they will get killed, by reducing their risk players don’t become an target of opportunity.

 Have you ever bought an item to resell only to have that item drop in price? Well you’re not alone and there is a rather simple solution. Items routinely go up and down in price and often someone is left holding the bag. Several times I have bought items at 20million when the next day they are selling for 18million. When players notice that the sell orders are going down in price they attempt to cash out by selling to the buy orders. Because of this you will notice that buy orders receive large inventories of items just before the market completely crashes but all is not lost.  While it seems like a no win situation there are several things you can do to ensure you continue to make a profit.

Cash flow for Capsuleers 1-10: (Please note that this guide is written for Gallente starter pilots; while much of the below guide also applies to Minmatar, Caldari and Amarr, there are minor deviations.)

Welcome back, during this tutorial we’ll cover: Cloning and medical facilities, agents, objectives and missions, combat, implants and  basic fitting.

Will also move from the new player hub to the career mission hub, this is generally only a few jumps away. For the Gallente this hub is known as Couster.

Getting started with Eve Online:


Assuming you don’t already have an account you can get a 14 day trial by clicking here:



This guide will try to cover the first few steps in Eve as best as possible, from character creation to your first splash combat. You can also check out the video tutorial posted at the end of this article.

The first thing you need to do when logging in for the first time is create a new character. For this you have four nationalities to choose from, which are as follows:

With the Odyssey 1.1 patch now fully up and running there was a bit of commotion over Mining Foreman Mindlinks. Apparently they can be purchased using Loyalty Points from the store. Normally a change such as this isn’t too game breaking but when the item is worth over 1 billion ISK and the LP required now is minimal it is quite devastating. The market crashed almost instantly and the current value is worth about 50 million ISK. It is important to note that many years ago these mindlinks were worth only 30-50 million ISK and only increased in price when their drop rate changed. There is a reason you should keep your market portfolio diversified and I will help explain how you can do that and still stay profitable.


Speculation is just what it seems to be gambling that an item will go up in price and investing before everyone else knows. This tends to happen before the expansions go live. It is difficult to find what is going to be valuable before everyone else, and it requires lots of time spend going through patch notes and playing on the test server. With all things that a player can find out about an expansion there is nothing that is set in stone, if there is a patch note saying half of asteroid fields will be removed investing in minerals seems logical and profitable assuming something else was not added in. However come patch day there is no guarantee that the developers will remove the asteroids and therefore you are always gambling when it comes to speculation.