Category: Dota 2

Dota 2 International Championship has finally put Esports on the map. Dota recently held its championship over a five-day period in which over 2.8 million dollars in prizes were given away. This is the largest prize given out in Esports history. This money was funded by the games creator, Valve, and the players themselves. Players could buy Compendium, which would complete set goals that gave players bonus features and in-game items for each goal earned. However, only 25% of their purchase would go to the finalists in the tournament, and while it seemed to have attracted plenty of donors I would have hoped more money would have gone to the tournament itself. There have been no numbers given on how many viewers watched the championship, but we know they had over 600,000 concurrent viewers at their peak during the tournament, which is extremely high for an Esport. Though this is only a yearly tournament it will be interesting to see how Esports begins to evolve as more companies try to move in for their piece of the pie.