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Recently there has been some news about Mojang changing their EULA to restrict private servers from charging real money for in-game services. This quickly spawned discussions on reddit and almost all major gaming news organizations gave their take on it. To be fair, the EULA was reworded, but the rules had been the same for some time. The difference here is that Mojang has never enforced its EULA rules, and it has actually endorsed some of those pay2win servers which makes their EULA void. They cannot forbid something in their EULA and support a server who is breaking it.


Hi everyone,

Opa here.

Summer Games Done Quick is a speedrunning marathon, where speedrunners run many really good games and collect donations for charity organisations. It is hosted by in coorporation with This time the money goes to the “Doctors without Borders”- Foundation, which help to spread medical care all over the world and help persons, who cant effort medical health care.

Speedrunning means, that you try to beat a game as fast as possible, mostly with glitches that weren´t removed from the game. Mostly older games are played in Speedrunning but there are some of the newer games in, for example Dishonored.