Nothing To Play…

It has come to my attention that I have a problem. I own an immense amount of games through steam and still have nothing to play. Over half of the games I own on steam aren’t even downloaded this is mostly due to my slow internet connection but its partially due to the fact that while I have over 3TB of drive space most of it is full.  I have only played a quarter of the games that are downloaded and I can’t be motivated to play the others. I have some phenomenally great games that are ready to be played and yet here I sit not really looking forward to playing them.

Now I admit most of the games on this list I got on sale because I can’t drop 50$ every time a new game is released so I tend to wait for the prices to drop. There are also those games that go on sale with prices so low I can’t say no. Doom for a dollar? Sign me up! Duke Nukem Forever for a dollar? What the hell, I know it sucks, but why not! I won’t play it but I can’t stop myself. This wasn’t a problem until valve started doing it though. You see in a store there is a bottom price for a game, usually 5$ and I wouldn’t pay 5$ for Doom let alone Duke Nukem, but an online store has no overhead and they are able to set prices so low that they can still promote older games. So after years of sales my steam library sits mostly unused begging me to open something new even if it is just for a moment.

I have been looking for something to review for loadoutoptional and I haven’t really found anything that interested me. I am deciding right now that I am going to go through this steam list and review as many games as I can before I go nuts. Most of these games are old and don’t need reviews, but I am sure that I will enjoy them none the less. Playing these games and writing about them will give me something to do, although I don’t know if it will keep my attention long enough to complete a quarter of the massive list I have.

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