Erotica1’s Bonus Room going too far?

There is a blog post published by Jester that has a link to a Soundcloud recording of a form of harassment called the “Bonus Room”. A link to the blog post can be found here.

He, and his friends, engage in a practice that many calls “evil”, and Jester himself called Erotica1 a despicable, vile, evil human being. I personally barely know of this player, But in my research, he apparently has been banned from the CFC for going too far twice, and just generally being evil. Eve online is the epitome of the sandbox MMO, where anyone can do anything inside the walls of the game, from staying in highsec and running the market, to participating in Piracy, and scamming other players. This writer is fine with all that, even in-game griefing. When it goes outside of the walls of the game, it then goes to real life harassment, which is punishable by law. Once you do that, it goes too far, and should be stopped. Players are already voicing their opinions on the Eve Online forums.

This whole thing starts with ISK Doubling, where a character sets up rules on Doubling, and those that don’t follow the rules TO THE LETTER, get their money taken from them. It’s a pretty standard scam, and no one in their right mind should fall for it, but there are that subset of eve players that will fall for it, because they are always looking for easy cash gain. Then there is one thing that Erotica1, and other such players have, and it’s called the “Bonus Room”. The reward is a Quintuple payout of your investment.

The Bonus Room consists of three “phases”. In phase one, the victim is instructed that he must have “faith in the process” and must volunteer to follow all instructions given to him. The victim is then pulled into an out-of-game Teamspeak session (to attempt to avoid EULA or TOS issues that might result). The victim is then instructed to create a full API to which Erotica 1 and his team of instigators will have access to. The victim is then instructed to:

  • contract all of his assets to the instigators;
  • send all of his ISK to Erotica1,
  • turn over any items in the redeeming system
  • turn over any and all Planetary Interaction Materials
  • cancel any science or industry jobs in progress, and turn over the blueprints
  • turn over any in game clothing
  • turn any sizable balances of LP into items and turn those over as well
  • turn over any balances from gambling sites such as somerBLINK, Eve Online Holdem, ex cetera

By now, most of you are saying that anyone who would agree to these terms is not thinking clearly and would stop and I would agree. Except we’ve established for a long, long time that there is a subset of EVE players who are ignorant about the nature of the game, and greedy. I have no doubt that Erotica1 gets his share of victims by simply dangling the prize of a quintuple payout. Who knows, perhaps from time to time he does even pay out for the sheer entertainment value.

In the recording below, the victim follows all of the instructions (“having faith in the process”). Phase two is the “Educational Component”, The educational section involves the victim reading the most boring, pointless articles imaginable for long stretches. Early on, the speech impediment in the victim becomes apparent, one of the instigators of the bonus room pounces on this, and he suggests that any words the victim cannot pronounce, he look up the meaning of, and read that in full too. They decide that the victim look up and read the full “Russian History” on Wikipedia.

At around Forty minutes in, the victim is a little upset, he wants to know how long this is going to go on for, because he states that he has to go to work in the morning. he’s told to “have faith in the process” any time he gets bored, frustrated, or impatient. he’s reminded on “what he’s going to do with his winnings” each time he speaks up about the process. this drags on, and on, and on, for more then an hour and a half.

The third phase is the “social component”. This phase consists of the victim singing songs, and acting childish at the urging of the instigators. At around an hour and 44 minutes into this whole process, the instigators are having a hard time holding in their laughter. They have to take turns muting their mikes, and sometimes muting the room to laugh aloud at the victim, so they can contain their laughter when they speak to him. The victim finally asks in exasperation how many songs they are going to sing. One instigator casually says “We usually do ten or twenty songs.” at this point, the victim snaps, and launches on a profanity and threat laden tirade.

so, lets do a torture list check off:

  • Sleep Deprivation: check.
  • Subjecting the victim to long periods of interrogation: check
  • Isolating or surrounding the victim psychologically: check
  • Inflicting pressure through greed or blackmail: check
  • Exploitation of Phobias, such as a person with a speech impediment do public speaking.


Everything in this is very real, in a game that you play. Eve is Real folks, whether you like it or not. This game is one of the most unique MMO’s around, and often proves this in situations like this. The whole community is waiting for CCP to speak out about this, and many are going to dictate their actions with their account on what CCP says.

The Soundcloud file can be found below, if you wish to listen. Be warned, however it’s over 2 hours long.

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