BB53 – Custom Overviews

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Today’s topic comes from a tweet from @erlendur in a conversation he was having with a pilot about having multiple overview tabs open in separate windows:

So that is the topic this month: The Overview. Is it sufficient? If not how can it be improved? Is there some way to replace it? Does it give too much information, or not enough? Please be creative and specific as the overview currently is the heartbeat of the GUI.


Overviews are like many other things in eve they are both important and outdated. There is no doubt that being able to customize what you see while you fly around in space is highly valuable. Pilots who are mining can show ores, logistic ships can show friendlies sorted by name for easy selection, and combat pilots can show rats. By giving players the option to choose what they want to see on their overview CCP doesn’t limit the potential of what players might want to do. In fact I have an overview just for scooping corpses to sell on the eve market. The overview still is outdated, though updating the GUI in general might solve that issue. My complaint here is that it is hard to navigate and not that pretty to look at, this isn’t a new complaint as GUI has needed an update for years now. Adding new details to an overview can be easily done by clicking on the object as it floats in space but it is harder to track down where it lies in the configuration window. I think a simple search function might be useful here, rather than navigating various drop-down menus that don’t always contain what you are looking for.

Options are always a good thing, the problem though is that new players don’t stand a chance at figuring out how the overview system works. CCP has created some pre-defined overviews for the players so that they have a baseline of what they need and the options that are available. However, there is not a tutorial or guide to fully explain the options. Additionally these overviews are bare-bones because they are missing some key components for new players. After a few months players will be taught how to more efficiently use their overviews by other players but that information is hard to distinguish when they are first starting off.

I don’t really think this is a complicated topic so ill keep it short. The overview gives lots of options to players and that is vital in eve-online because what is important today might not matter tomorrow. That being said it is not friendly to new players and it could do with a new GUI to make it look better. Personally I think that more options are better when it comes to the overview. I would like to see an easier way to sort through it all but we can’t limit how many options there are to choose from. Limiting options only encourages players in the twitch generation that don’t care about strategy and in the process dumb downs the game.

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