The Cold War is Ends!…War Begins

I am not going to cover much of the events leading up to the giant fight at B-R5RB because there is going to be tons of information on what happened and right now everyone is still sorting it out. I want to do is say that I could not be more happy to have seen titans, carrier, dreadnaughts, and subcaps die in the biggest battle in eve online’s ten year history. I am also extremely glad that the  stockpiles of Titans are reduced at least for now.

Eve-online has had Titan’s for a very long time now, and they are considered the flag ship of an Alliance. When a Titan appears it is usually a big deal because they don’t make appearances often. Many Titans are used to scare opponents from engaging a large alliance but they rarely get exposed because the alliance doesn’t want to lose them. This has created a Cold War where large alliances stockpile these Titan’s and threaten each other but they are rarely used. Players should not just stockpile ships and blindly threaten the opposition. For the most part that is all that has happened with Titans once their Doomsday was removed. Yesterday was one of a few times where both sides decided to lay it down and bring out their big guns. I know we have seen titans fielded on both sides of a conflict but never in this large of numbers. Typically you only see a few of them or one side brings them and the other side chickens out. If there had not been a stockpile of Titans this would have never happened so I have to admit that an event on this scale will not likely occur in eve anytime soon, even though there are still hundreds left.

So besides the fact that many Titan’s were destroyed there were trillions of isk that went poof in the fight. These ships will be replaced but I wouldn’t expect the demand to cause a mineral price increase. Mineral prices might rise but most of it will be from speculators. They think that these ships have to be replaced immediately and so they invest to make a profit. In reality these ships take months to build and it is not possible to replace them all at once. So all of those Titans that went down can’t be replaced right now so the demand will not be instant. As these ships get replaced the prices might increase but I doubt it will be a large one because there are trillions of minerals available for building and as big as those ships are they wont make a dent in the production. Bottom line is don’t invest in minerals because this one event isn’t going to be enough to make a profit and the risk of loss is huge.

All in all I don’t care who won, yes it is important so someone but not for me. What I do care about is the fact that Trillions of ISK went down the drain and that over fifty Titans were lost. We don’t have exact numbers yet, and when we do I will update this post. With dozens of Titans destroyed I am excited to see what happens next although I doubt well see dozens of Titans on opposing sides anytime soon. For now all I can hope for is another large fight in the coming weeks that destroys more ISK and helps fuel the economy that has been so often neglected by the game developers.

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