Where is the POCO Destruction?

So here we are months into the Rubicon expansion. An expansion that put Customs Offices in high-sec into player hands and that was supposed to mean more pew pew and less free ISKies. Well so far its not exactly doing a good job spreading the content around. Combat in high-sec over POCO’s is extremely rare and when it does occur it is only around Jita between large alliances.

I expected to see hundreds of these things being destroyed weekly instead I see hardly any changing hands. CCP placed customs offices in players hands to give more control to the players and create conflict over who owns them. I am strongly disappointed, though not surprised, that players are not fighting over these valuable planets. Most of the valuable POCO’s, around Jita,  are owned by the large corporations. The other POCO’s are owned by various corporations and alliances few of which are fighting over control of them.

I traveled twenty jumps checking various customs offices as I flew through the system and I did not see one single kill/loss from the owning corporations. I searched for hours looking at wardec’s after November for each and every corporation/alliance owned POCO. I am rather sad that no one is fighting over these potentially valuable structures. As a mentioned previously most of these planets don’t bring much income to their owners. However, most of the new owners charge exorbitant rates that discourage players from using them. High-sec does not yield high profit but it is convenience for players and players do produce resources on these planets.

There are hundreds of POCO’s that are just sitting in space in relatively AFK corporations. For them it is free money, even if it is little, but I know many of these corporations are carebear’s. They have no interest in combat and simply want the money that comes with owning a POCO. It is unlikely that many of these corporations will defend their planets and if they do a good pvp corp could have a blast fighting them. Even if there is no money to be made eve is about having fun and some good old pvp is always a fund time. *Note that structure bashing is not fun* I think it is about time that someone shakes up these corporations and starts popping POCO’s around the universe. Who knows what will happen, but with any luck we’ll see some good fights and some destruction which is always good in eve.

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