War Profiteering Example: HED-GP

Earlier this week I wrote a war profiteering guide for eve online. Today I log in to find that the CFC and allies are engaged in HED-GP against N3/PL in a Tidi battle that was huge. This fight is the perfect example for what players should look for when trying to make a profit by war profiteering. I quickly looked at the ships they were losing via killboards and promptly flew a stock of them to a system that has a station to store the ships.

I actually had a large supply of ships in this region because I thought there might be a war and if not I can always make a decent profit being near a warpgate to null-sec. I suspected a war in this area of space because it is one of the few possible fronts if the CFC and N3 engaged each other. I looked at the available area’s and decided that having a supply in that region of space would be most likely to pay off given the other options available. Additionally being near null-sec I can slowly sell most ships at a small markup so it wouldn’t cause me to lose money.

I suspect that the fights have only begun and this means more ships will die and more ships will have to be purchased. Those players will want to get back to the fight as soon as possible so they will buy the closest ship available. I did have to be careful not to overcharge because if I did I would lose the majority of sales. I am one of many who will be making a profit off of this war but if these large fights keep up there will be plenty of room for all war profiteers.

For me this was an easy opportunity because I had stock ready to sell and the fight happened nearby. Had this fight occurred elsewhere I would not have been able to take advantage of it. Should there be no more fighting I could potentially take a huge loss in profit. So I won’t be committing more resources to this effort just yet because I am well stocked and I don’t know how far this war will run. I hope this example shows what you should look for when you are interested in making a profit off of the wars in eve-online.

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