How to Retrieve and Input API Data into Eve-Mon

Follow these steps to retrieve your API for third party programs.

  1. Players can set their Eve API from the support page
  2. Create New API Key (Top Right)
  3. Select the API information you want shown (Type of key, list of characters, API Settings)
  4. If using for a long term program such as Eve-MON or EveHQ then select the “No Expiry” box.
  5. Click “Submit” in the lower right corner
  6. Then locate the API key you created and copy the Key ID and Verification Code to input into the program of you choosing

Follow these steps to install and input API information into Eve-Mon

  1. Download and install Eve-Mon (on the right side of the page)
  2. Run the Program
  3. Select “file” – “Add API Key”EM-API
  4. Add ID and Verification Code – Click NextEM-APIADD
  5. You will get a screen that shows you the characters on this API key, all will be selected by default – Click Import
  6. You will now see the information supplied in the API
  7. On the right side there is a tiny button “Advanced features” Click this and select “enable all”
  8. There should now be symbols beneath the character image use these to look at the information they supply. Figure 8 shows their names, in the program they are just images.


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