Corporation Recruitment Guide

So you wanted to be a CEO, well recruiting is something you’ll have to deal with if you hope to be successful. In this guide ill show you how to recruit, what to look for when recruiting and how you can limit potential Spies/Theives/Awoxers from getting into your corp.

To recruit new members to your corporation you have several options:

  1. Create a corporate ad. To do this go to the “corporation” window, select “Recruitment” tab, select the “Corporation Ads” tab, then click on “Create Advert” to make a new advertisement for your corporation. When filling out these ads be as honest as possible. If you say you are a missioning corp active between 00:00 and 19:00 and in reality you are a mining corp that is only active from 00:00 to 02:00 then you will recruit the wrong type of players and IF they decide to stay with your corp they will most likely fight to get their playstyle into the corporate structure. In the end it just causes headaches and disappointment for all parties involved so tell the truth in what your corp offers and what you are looking for. This method gets you highly interested players messaging you and allows you to spend time doing other things, remember numbers are important for fights but quality members are better for being a successful corporation.
  2. Send out messages in local, or place cans at warpgates advertising your corporation. As you go from system to system trading or hauling goods send a message linking your corp telling the public what you are about and what you are looking for. Dropping anchored cans around warpgates with your corporations information as you go fly around can help get your corporations name out. These methods don’t generate tons of leads and is time intensive but it will gain a few interested customers.
  3. Go to a noob system (like Clellinon) and private message new characters. This method is best for corporations who cater to new players, if you don’t want to handhold members this isn’t the method for you. Typically you want to find members who are 2-30 days old and still in an NPC corporation. Most alt characters will only be in an NPC corp for the first day and if they are in an NPC corp for a long period of time they are most likely just alts avoiding wars or some such. Once you message them 90% will decline 5% will open and never respond and 5% will respond. Of the 5% that respond half might join and the other half will “think about it”. If someone wants some time to “think about it” then follow up with them after a week to see how their progress is. By doing this you show interest in them and they are more likely to join your corporation. This method is extremely time intensive but it yields the highest number of recruits albeit only new players.
  4. Friends of Friends. Most of your members will have friends who join from time to time to at least try out the game. These players will often join their friends in a corp and are usually trustworthy because they don’t want to betray their friends. These recruits tend to stay for a long period of time as long as their friends keep playing. This method requires no time from the CEO and results in high quality players, but this is not sufficient to grow a large corporation.

All of these methods of recruiting have their upsides and downsides so make sure to pick the one that best fits your corporation. Remember that you want to get players who have the same interests as you and your corporation so do NOT cater to new players because it only hurts your corporation in the long run. You can build a stronger corporation with a few members who have similar interests then you can with hundreds of members who have different interests.

How do you spot bad players, spies, awoxers and thieves?

Well there is no real way of filtering them out entirely that is part of the fun in eve. Anyone can betray anyone at anytime for any reason, which is why the number one rule in eve is NEVER TRUST ANYONE. However there are some things you can do to reduce your risk:


Figure 1. This is an example of a API that only shows some of the characters


Figure 2. This is an example of a API that shows all of the available characters. This is what you want to see when inputting the API Code

1. Require an API key, limited is good enough, just to show their characters though the more information you have the better. Players are afraid to give this information out especially if they are new and know that eve is not a trusting place. Use the keys to find alts of a player and if possible wallet balances, transaction history will show if there have been some shady money changing hands. A guide on how to get an API and put it into Eve-Mon. When using Eve-Mon Make sure that you get ALL characters from potential recruits if you don’t it will say “This is a ‘Character’ restricted API” as figure 1 shows. This means that Pilots have restricted how many characters you can see and should be a red flag. Figure 2 shows the correct message, it says “This is an ‘Account’ wide API key” so all characters are shown.I typically recommend that a full API be given when joining for laziness of picking each individual requirement of what needs to be on the API. Remember the API only needs to be active for a day and then it can expire so their information isn’t held in corporate hands long.

  • If a player has multiple alts you can tell if they are new or old by looking at their SP count and corporation employment history. This will immediately indicate a red flag if you are recruiting new members and one of them has an old alt with millions of Skill Points. Remember that some pilots make a character and then un-subscribe so a character created in 2006 doesn’t mean its been active, so check for both.
  • Look at their previous corporation history to see what kind of corporations they have tried. If they have tried corporations that are known for griefing then you should be cautious.
  • Do a search in google for their name and eve online in quotes like this “name eveonline”. Then look for their forum posts to see if the character has been bought/sold or if anything questionable has been posted. Then look for a killboard and if there isn’t one in the search go to battleclinic to see what their recent kills/losses have been. This helps located Awoxers who just want to attack fellow corp-mates carrying high value cargo. Usually you’ll see they killed a freighter or hauler (or another high isk target) in high-sec then you have to compare both player corporations to see if they were in the same one at that time. If they were that character is attacking fellow corpmates for profit and should not be allowed in your corporation. Searching google also shows a history of anyone who complains that player “x” griefed, scammed, or caused some incident while fly around.
  • Most spies/awoxers/thieves will make a new account and send a bit of money to them to get it started. These transactions show up and should be a red flag to any corporation CEO. For example if a new account received 1Billion ISK from someone either its illegally bought money or an alt transfer, if the latter then do a search online and see if anyone has reported a theft with that character. This isn’t a surefire detector but it will help you reduce potential risk.

2. Always talk to a potential member before accepting them. For some reason corporations all over the eve universe just accept members without questioning why they want to join their corp.

  • Don’t interrogate potential members but ask them how they heard about you. If they say something vague like “I saw you in local and liked your corp info” and you have NOT advertised in local then I wouldn’t trust that player. If you have advertised in local then this answer would be acceptable. A common red flag for WH corporations is the “I saw your WH and want to join” usually these players are either new, which is easy to verify, or they think you have high value ships that they can steal from your ship maintenance array.
  • Ask them multiple questions to gauge how they would fit into your corporation. This helps make sure that both the player and the corporation are a good fit because if they aren’t then it just wastes everyone’s time. If at anytime the player says something that makes you question whether or not they would be a good fit then you should follow your instinct. Not everyone will have a good instinct but its better to say no to a player now then to have a major exile or theft in the corp later.

3. If you receive a wardec and you have been actively recruiting be aware that one of your new recruits might be a spy to locate your members in space. Here are a few ways to detect them:

  • Look through new members corp history to see if those previous corps have had a wardec from the same corporation and if so was the player in question only a member a few days before hand. This happens all the time because war dec corporations often try to see how active a corporation is before spending the money on a war.
  • If a new member is asking where you are and then you start seeing war targets he might be a spy, though I should note that war targets can search manually or with search agents so this isn’t a surefire way.
  • Even with these methods it is hard to detect whether or not you have a spy so just be cautious and stop accepting recruits during a war. Believe it or not I have seen spies try to infiltrate a corporation after a war started which is rather dense of them but I suppose it works on occasion. If you explain to potential recruits that there is a war and you will invite them afterword they usually understand and if they are interested they will join the corporation later.

All of these methods are only able to reduce risk because in the end anyone can do anything in eve, but I have found that for the most part these will filter out most of the potential scammers, awoxers, thieves, and spies. Recruiting in eve online can be a risky situation but it is a necessary part of the game and every corporation has to deal with it with any luck this guide will help increase quality players and reduce your risk of recruiting someone who doesn’t benefit your corporation.


  1. Ahnog January 5, 2014 7:43 am  Reply

    How do you look at an api? Okay, you got the key, now, is there a program that will organize the data for you? Or, can you just load it into excel or some other spreadsheet?

    • Golden January 5, 2014 5:35 pm  Reply

      You have to use a third-party program such as Eve-Mon or EveHQ. I updated the post with a link to the guide ( and added to this post what you need to have when screening players who give you API Keys. Make sure you have access to all character names and accounts, then use the program to check on the journal history (wallet transactions) and do background checks on all characters involved. Hope that helps if anything is unclear let me know.

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