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I am not going to cover much of the events leading up to the giant fight at B-R5RB because there is going to be tons of information on what happened and right now everyone is still sorting it out. I want to do is say that I could not be more happy to have seen titans, carrier, dreadnaughts, and subcaps die in the biggest battle in eve online’s ten year history. I am also extremely glad that the  stockpiles of Titans are reduced at least for now.

So here we are months into the Rubicon expansion. An expansion that put Customs Offices in high-sec into player hands and that was supposed to mean more pew pew and less free ISKies. Well so far its not exactly doing a good job spreading the content around. Combat in high-sec over POCO’s is extremely rare and when it does occur it is only around Jita between large alliances.

Earlier this week I wrote a war profiteering guide for eve online. Today I log in to find that the CFC and allies are engaged in HED-GP against N3/PL in a Tidi battle that was huge. This fight is the perfect example for what players should look for when trying to make a profit by war profiteering. I quickly looked at the ships they were losing via killboards and promptly flew a stock of them to a system that has a station to store the ships.

In eve war is both inevitable and necessary. The entire economy rests on combat because without destruction there would be no reason to create and no reason to trade. Today I will discuss how you can make a profit from the wars that fuel eve-online. I wouldn’t recommend getting involved unless you had substantial funds to invest. This venture isn’t cheap and moving the goods can cost billions. The cost is high because it requires a mass amount of goods including ships which can cost hundreds of millions each.

How do I figure out who is fighting who and where?

Gaming communities are where players go to play, interact with or communicate with other players who share the same interests. These can be clans, actual communities, servers, forum boards or any combination in-between. As players being socializing with one another they often find other players who share similar interests which allow for the foundation of a community to begin. Throughout my long gaming career I have been in dozens of clans and even managed to lead some of them at some time or another. These communities are key to the survival of games because they create relationships and give content that the user would otherwise not have. The only reason that I even bothered playing games for more than a few months was because of the people that I got the chance to play with. I decided to take a look at how gaming communities affect the games they gather around and how it in turn affects the players who game.

I have been working on a few projects on my computer lately and noticed that I don’t have enough monitor space. I currently have two 23′ monitors and could get another four. I am trying not to get another one simply because at some point I will have to upgrade my video card and not many new cards support two or more monitors. Additionally I don’t know that I would like to spend more money on monitors when it could go to a new video card. When I first started gaming I thought that a small 15′ monitor would be enough and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Blog Banter # 52 – The Other Side

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 51st edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.

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Go to the always useful ( and take a look at the All Time (weekly average) graph for concurrent accounts logged in.

For the past four and a half years, the graph has hovered around that 30,000 mark; it is, for all intents and purposes, a plateau. But everything must come to an end sooner or later and that is what this blog banter is about.

Follow these steps to retrieve your API for third party programs.

  1. Players can set their Eve API from the support page
  2. Create New API Key (Top Right)
  3. Select the API information you want shown (Type of key, list of characters, API Settings)
  4. If using for a long term program such as Eve-MON or EveHQ then select the “No Expiry” box.
  5. Click “Submit” in the lower right corner
  6. Then locate the API key you created and copy the Key ID and Verification Code to input into the program of you choosing

So you wanted to be a CEO, well recruiting is something you’ll have to deal with if you hope to be successful. In this guide ill show you how to recruit, what to look for when recruiting and how you can limit potential Spies/Theives/Awoxers from getting into your corp.

To recruit new members to your corporation you have several options: