Market Trading – Prevent Taking a Loss

 Have you ever bought an item to resell only to have that item drop in price? Well you’re not alone and there is a rather simple solution. Items routinely go up and down in price and often someone is left holding the bag. Several times I have bought items at 20million when the next day they are selling for 18million. When players notice that the sell orders are going down in price they attempt to cash out by selling to the buy orders. Because of this you will notice that buy orders receive large inventories of items just before the market completely crashes but all is not lost.  While it seems like a no win situation there are several things you can do to ensure you continue to make a profit.

I have said this hundreds of times before but when you are trading in eve-online the markets are volatile so be patient. Just because a single item drops in price does not mean that you are taking a loss in profit. All you need to do is wait for that item to go up in value and then sell it. Patience is the key because there is no isk loss to any goods until you sell them. For my previous example I  would usually wait a week or two and the items will return to a sell order of  22million or more which I can then make a profit on. Now it is not ideal because at 18million isk I miss out on a potential 2million extra profit but the important thing is not to lose money. Additionally it allows me to constantly be selling the items and not have to worry about downtime when I run out of items.

Now you can prevent buying loads of overpriced goods with a few steps:

  • Only buy small quantities at a time. For example if an item goes up in price and you are afraid to miss out on the isk benefit then only place a buy order for 5 of them
  • Look at the market history to see how the price has changed. I suggest looking at the full year long history because it gives you a better idea of the lowest price and the highest prices that item has ever seen. Using this you can see if you are buying it above or below the average, below and you’re making money, above and you might not be.
  • Look at the current sell/buy orders on the market. If you see sell/buy prices that are less than 5% apart the market is going to either explode or crash depending on which orders go first. If you see a small quantity of sell orders then I would assume that item either has increased or will increase in value very soon due to the limited supply (look at the history to see which). If you notice a small number of buy orders odds are that the item is either not in demand or a recent stash has flooded the market (check the daily numbers sold to see which).
  • Watch for Dev Blogs. So many times there are changes announced in the development blogs that players will overlook which costs them billion in potential isk. These are not always easy to calculate but generally nerfs to an item make it less demanded and people will dump stock even with a small change. When an item is buffed or more demand is created then the price goes up quickly as players try to turn isk for a quick profit.

It might sound odd but I tend to gain most of my inventory when players sell to my high buy orders before the market crashes. I then keep the items and continue to buy more items until the price spikes up again. This allows me to cash out and be one of the last sellers of a good, while making a hefty profit the whole time. Just remember to be patient and ride out the market

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