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Dear Golden,

I found out about Eve-Online a few months ago when some of my friends started playing. We like it so much we decided to create a corp so that we could easily communicate. Earlier this week we got a notification that our corporation had been war-dec’d by another corporation. I have already read various information about wars, but I would like to know what you think we should do about the war, should we fight? run? disband? Any help would be appreciated.



Well Eroc there are several things you need to do before you can know what is right for your corporation. I cannot tell you what you should do because I do not have the information that is needed but with any luck this should be of some use to you.

1. Look up information on the corporation by searching for them on battleclinic’s killboard, or evewho. These sites will tell you information about how strong they are and how well do they in combat.

  • If you are dealing with a lone-wolf corporation where only one member (1-3 characters usually) exists and is the main killer on their killboard then it is easy to keep track of him by adding him to your watch list and using location agents to find his location. Usually these 1-3 man corporations are simply to attack mining barges and get easy kills such as haulers. Sticking together with some pvp equipment such as a scram is often enough to discourage this lone wolf from attacking larger numbers.
  • If there are multiple characters that engage in kills then they are operating as a wolf-pack. These are usually skilled pilots who are often after. These corporations are usually mercenary corporations and tend to be hired by someone or they expect to find financial motivation (loot) when attacking you. Once you identify which players are in the corporation add them to your watch list so that you can be notified when they are online or offline. If all characters are offline then there is no reason to worry about being attacked. Keep in mind many of these war-dec corporations have neutral alts to scan you down prior to attacking you, so when they do log in assume they know where you are and dock quickly.
  • If their killboard shows mostly haulers, barges, mining frigs, pods, etc, then rest assured the pilots after you are expecting easy kills and most likely will not fight you when you are in combat ships. These players are simply looking for easy kills and won’t want to risk too much unless it is a sure thing.
  • If their killboard shows expensive ships killed and that they use T2 or faction ships then I would be worried as these groups tend to be organized and willing to risk it all to get it all. In this case I would recommend hiding from them as usually they are very skilled and know how to fight.

2. Look at their current and previous wars.

  • If there are several active wars then he is just looking for as many targets as possible and most likely targeted carebear corporations for easy kills. They tend to war-dec all active corporations within a certain region and sometimes you can relocate to another area of space and you will go unnoticed for the entirety of the war.
  • If there is just a single war then they might be holding a specific grudge against one of your members, want to get an expensive kill on their killboard, are looking to extort you for money, or simply are bored and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. Some general tips to remember:

  • When undocking do not adjust your flightpath until you know there are no hostiles, you are invulnerable for several seconds while undocking unless you move or shoot. If there are hostiles you can redock almost instantly as long as you do NOT shoot at them.
  • When at warp-gates know that if they engage you before you activate the gate then you can jump and they cannot jump. However, if they engage you after you have jumped they might kill you before you are able to fly back 15km to the gate. Generally I recommend that when you see a war-target on a gate that you warp to a station in system, if he engages you before you warp off you can activate the gate, if he doesn’t you can warp and then dock without worry.
  • Do NOT use any haulers during the war, they are easy targets and  I discourage use of mining vessels as well but at least they do not travel vast distances. If you need to haul something use a third party or a neutral alt who is not involved in the war.
  • Remember to stick together when possible because the more numbers you have the less likely they will attack even if you have less skill then they do.
  • Watch local, any war-targets will show up as a flashing red star. If you see this and you are mining or unable to fight then dock up ASAP.
  • Before a war-dec starts you can set their corporation to red so that you can see where they are before the war. This is useful in identifying whether or not they know where you keep you ships docked.
  • If you do not fight and you do NOT give them any kills most corporations drop the war because they figure that your corp is inactive.
  • Fighting might cause corporations to continue a war even if they lose the battle, fights are fun for these groups.
  • Be wary about accepting assistance from another corp, if they charge isk there is no guarantee they will actually help you and more than likely they get isk without having to undock.

You can always fight back I don’t mention this as a viable option in the list above because most lone-wolfs wont fight superior numbers and know when to leave a fight. Wolf-packs are often better equipped and have more experience so I wouldn’t try baiting those into a fight either. I hope this information helps you decide your course of action and I will update this if I think of anything in the future, good luck and fly safe.

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