Rubicon Speculation Report

I made a few speculation investments based on the information we were given before Rubicon launched. Some of them made isk, some of them lost isk, but overall I made a profit. I invested in the ships that were the least used in the hope that they would gain the highest value after the buff. I also invested in PI materials because I suspected there would be a higher demand with new player deployables. In these results I did not post what I sold them for because there was no set number, rather I am posting what the current value is on the market.

The first investments made were based off of the live-stream CCP had when discussing Rubicon early in October:


Crusader: 13million – 20million and falling

Ares: 15million – 20million and falling

Claw: 10million –  20million and rising

Electronic Attack Frigates:

Sentinel: 20million – 20million and stable

Keres: 20million – 20million and stable

Hyena: 20million – 20million and stable

All of these Electronic Attack Frigates had an initial spike up to 30million and then returned to normal levels, so some money was made but not as much as I was expecting. It looks like they might continue upward but the profit still won’t be that grand. Later CCP mentioned that there would be mobile deployables this lead me to assume that these would use PI materials because POS’s use PI mats. It wasn’t a sure thing because I didn’t know the material costs for the new deployables but I figured I would spread my investment across all P4 material in the hope that I would get lucky. I then invested in the following goods:

Broadcast Node: 1.3million – 1.3million and falling

Integrity Response Drones: 1.6million – 1.5 million and falling

Nano-Factory: 700k – 825k and falling

Organic Mortar Applicators: 750k – 1million and falling

Recursive Computing Module: 950k – 1.1million and falling

Self-Harmonizing Power Core: 1.3million – 1.4million and falling

Sterile Conduits: 900k – 900k and stable

Wetware Mainframe: 1.5million – 2million and rising/stable

I did make some money in the initial spike of these items which went as high as triple the original price but most of these have not netted a profit yet. I am not worried because in the interview they stated that there are plans for more player deployables as part of Rubicon 1.1 or 1.2 patch. So all of my leftover investment items can still be turned around for a profit in a few months, and even if they can’t I wouldn’t lose much isk selling them for what I paid. Ever since PI was required to manufacture POS objects I have been stockpiling the P2-P3 material because it is so cheap that I hope one day to cash it in for a huge profit. It is kind of a blanket approach to trading but I have enough idle isk that it is worth the investment because it can’t really get that much lower at this point. I was able to sell a substantial portion of these stockpiled materials for this expansion even though they only spiked the first few days, but profit is profit.

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