SOE Enforcing Forum Rules

Finally SOE is going to attempt to enforce their rules about forum posting. It was one of the things which bothered me when I returned to Planetside 2. I ended up removing my complaint about the forums before I posted because I knew that some of the discussion was actually trying to improve the game, even though most of it was just trolls or whining. This is because the threads start productive and turn into a pile of shit half way into them. One of the problems with players complaining and not contributing to the discussion is that it derails the thread  and stops it from getting any real momentum. Additionally even though SOE has stated that they don’t listen to players who just whine and complain on the forums but to players it does not appear that way.

What happens is a player complains on the forums and other players agree or disagree then after a few months of constant new threads and posting SOE issues a change to the object in question. This leads to other groups who follow suit and post/whine about it on the forums, some of which are constructive threads. Players see that SOE is acting on what is being said in the forums and decide to continue complaining and whining to get their way. Players have the perception that SOE is acting on other whine threads even though it might be a coincidence. Now I don’t know if SOE listens to players whine threads, I suspect they act on the data that they have. For example they see that magriders are doing better than other tanks based on stats and issue a nerf, this happens to coincide with the whining about the magriders. Those VS players then whine about how useless it is. SOE realizes that the nerf was to strong and does some adjusting which makes players think that complaining works. This causes players to assume these two things (whining/adjustment) are linked but in reality it is not causation it is correlation.

It is unlikely that SOE makes decisions when players just whine on the forums because if they did then there would be hundreds of nerfs and buffs all year long. I do think that the pressure from constructive threads draw the attention of the developers even if players start to whine within them. The more people post in a single thread the more attention the developers pay to it even if most of it is pointless banter. I really do hope that SOE cleans up the forums so that those longer threads can accurately represent the thoughts of the community and bring improvements to the game.

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