Evebloggers is back, but it’s not alone

Many of my fellow bloggers noticed when the site evebloggers.com went down several months ago. During that time we all wondered if we would see its triumphant return and the wait is over. The website returned awhile ago but it isn’t quite what it was before. If you want to see the most recent blog listings you have to go to the 7 day page rather than the homepage which takes a little getting use to but it is nice to see more than 20 posts listed. The real question is how many users switched their blog searching from evebloggers to other sites such as blogeve, eveblogs, Foo’s Eve Blog Roll. Each of these websites have their upsides and downsides and with evebloggers switching hands several times in the past few years it is unclear if they will remain the primary blog portal for eve readers.

blogeve – Has one of the larger collections of blogs and includes excerpts but it can take more than 60 seconds to load.

evebloggers – Shows a list of the newest posts from their new database but only titles not excerpts.

eveblogs – Highlights their own blogs with excerpts but independent blogs are hard to see on the side of the main blog and have no excerpts.

Foo’s Eve – Loads quickly and shows the newest blogs with a short excerpt from the post, removes old blogs that don’t post regularly.

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