Blog Banter 51: Baiting

Blog Banter 51 – The Shakes

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 51st edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.* * * * *

EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fuelled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away.

From Druur Monakh (Twitter: @DruurMonakh) we get the topic of this banter: what was your most nail-biting experience in EVE Online so far? It could be PvP in a 1v1 or 1000v1000, your first fight or your latest one, a scam so close to being uncovered too soon, a trap almost sprung on an unsuspecting victim or the roles reversed and you desperately try to escape.

This is a rather tough question for me to answer but one particular moment does stick out in my head. Several years ago I was mining peacefully in my Hulk when I noticed a cheery looking fellow in my asteroid belt and loot my jet-can.  This was not the first time I had experienced losing my ore to thieves but this time I decided to do something about it. I returned to my hanger and changed two of my high slots out for neut’s, added a scram, shield extenders and a damage control unit to my hulk. I then went back to mining a different asteroid field in hopes that my thief would return. After a thirty minute wait he appeared in system, walked up to my jet-can and looted it for himself.

I decided to spring my trap so I locked him, dropped a point, launched my drones and started shooting at his little wolf. This actually seemed to catch him off-guard at first because he didn’t even attempt to evade until he was 50% through his armor. Unbeknownst to me he had an alt in system who arrived about 60km away in a T2 fit Guardian. I continued to fight the wolf although I too was beginning to dip into my armor. The guardian sends a repair to the wolf pilot and I know that I am in big trouble. I continue fighting the wolf and begin to notice that he stopped receiving repairs from the guardian. At the time I didn’t know why he wasn’t getting repaired but afterwords I realized that the guardian had drifted out of range and was unable to apply its rep’s.  After what seemed like a lifetime the wolf went *boom* and my hulk was burning into structure so I immediately left for the nearest station to get repaired. Now it would have been great to get a guardian kill but the honest truth is that I was lucky that this multi-boxer was unable to keep on top of both of his accounts at once otherwise I would have had a huge hulk loss. If I had to guess this was one of his first attempts at multi-boxing because there were many mistakes made but that is how we all learn eve-online.

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